I will not hide in the third person.

I usually go on through life not trying to question why I was put in this world, because I know this is a question too rhetorical to be answered.
In fact, I believe this question was created so we go on continuing with our lives in pursuit to the best answer. If it was answered, then there was no sense in living after on.
But in one fleeting moment, the universe revealed it’s secret for me and I knew.

We sat, two different people, in make and in mind but the universe demanded, you are one, for I am everything.
We sat as spectators to this revelation as it commenced.
Right then, I knew, I was created to live through this moment.
my hand’s only purpose was to fill the spaces in between;
as my space was filled in by another.
my ears only responsibility was to hear the crashing of the waves against the immovable rock;
as I licked my lips to taste the salty air around me.
my lap was created to become a resting place for a weary head.
And my heart – my battered, tossed in the ocean, burnt by the sun, weary, trembling heart – was finally home.
It was gentle – cradled like the lapping of the waves on the shore, stroked softly like a new born puppy.
Politics, religion, gender, time and place did not exist. Nothing else mattered but that moment.
I did not need my words – words only dampen the entirety of a meaning – but I heard (it shouted) everything that needed to be said.
I did not need to see – seeing only gives the illusion of what we try to perceive is rightly ours – when everything, in truth, is infinite, is pure, is nothing.
I was nothing but a speck, honored by the universe with this experience.

I drowned myself in ecstasy, more than any other affairs I had my entire life, and overwhelmed by these emotions, tears seeped through my eyes, just so I can keep on living.

Keep on breathing.

That this sunrise was made for me to see a bright new beginning, and for me to remember that even after the darkest and coldest of nights, whether I want it or not, the sun will shine again.

The cold air from the long night melted as my skin felt the warmth of the sun. Prickly, at first, until I succumbed and gave in.

I exhaled, after what felt like an eternity of sucking the moment.

The universe shouted at me, “you are alive.”