agawan base

sinabi ko na ayoko ngang sumali sa laro nyo

baket ba ang kulit kulit nyo?

unang unang akong natatawag pag nagpipilian ng kakampi.

kasi nga, parati akong mother hen – sagot ang lahat

o di kaya

ako ang patotot na kayang tawirin ang lahat ng bagay.

pero ayoko ngang mag laro.

alam kong magaling ako pero d ako ang panandaliang aliw lamang pagkatapos ng mga takdang gawain.

ako ang tahanang inuuwian pag dating ng dilim.

ayoko nang makipaglaro sa inyo.

someone asked what i wanted for my birthday

i want a quick getaway to the beach where i can take of my shoes and dig my toes into the sand – kinda like the way incubus described it. i’d watch the sea playfully tease the shore, and then the shore, of course, will absorb all of the sea’s teasing, moving gracefully too, with every wave.

i want to lounge in a hammock in a mountain. be surrounded by trees, rocks and flowers. i want a path that leads to a cliff where i can shout all my worries and troubles away. i want the echoes to reverberate over the mountains, and hear them disappear. because they will disappear, sooner or later.

i want to stay up and watch the sunrise on a rooftop, where i can see the city slowly coming into life. i want to see how fast things can change in a matter of seconds, from pure peace to total chaos. and then watch the sunset and feel the city slowly fade and surrender itself to rest. because moments are just always seconds apart, and there’s no need to fear stagnancy.

i want a small gathering with all of my closest friends. as time goes by, numbers have whittled, but that makes me happy because i get to see how much relationships i have forged through the years, be drunk in recalling all our memories again and again until we are intoxicated with pure love for each other. i want it to be a celebration of one another.

but out of all these things, i just really want to spend it with you.