i get lost in your eyes

wait, more like –


by that little sparkle i see everytime you laugh.

and when those big brown eyes grow wide

when you carefully tease me

it’s as if your gaze could envelop me

just in case

i try to squirm away from your thoughts.



(Except for that tequila shot during a bachelorette party and that half cup on my birthday)
It would nearly be 2 years since i last craved for a cold bottle of beer.
I figured i didn’t need alcohol to reduce my stress, curing my hangover only added to the stress
And i didn’t need alcohol to celebrate happy moments in my life – i was already the party all by myself!  Why drink beer when i can have coke zero?
Besides, as i grew older, my definition of great parties have evolved from an all nighter, bar hopping with bass thumping beside my heart to night out with good friends and laughing the whole night it gives me stomach cramps.

But tonight, i remember how cold beer tasted like. I can smell it. I can taste it.

Temporary insanity.