Know me.

1. Name: Bob
2. Alias: angparaluman
3. Middle Name: Sacdalan
4. Hair: impossibly black
5. Eyes: dark brown
6. Height: 5’1 1/2’’
7. Location: Manila
8. Birthday: October 1
9. Zodiac: Libra
10. Status: Taken seriously

11. Animals: Dogs, Cats, Turtles and Penguins
12. Sport: Dancing is now considered a sport.
13. Color: black is black
14. Song: When God Ran – Benny Hester

15. Band/Singer: Dave Matthews Band, Corrine Bailey Rae
16. Food: Shrimps
17. Flower: Tulips
18. Scent: Tommy Girl, Clinique Happy, Anna Sui, Aqua de Gio
19. Movies: My Best Friend’s Wedding, Pretty Woman, Godfather Trilogy, The Sweetest Thing, Fight Club
20. Holiday: my birthday.. Ü
22. Element: air
23. Books: by Pablo Neruda, Paolo Coelho, Milan Kundera, and Eat, Pray, and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
24. Do you wear makeup?: now i do.
25. Do you pluck ur eyebrows: yeap.
26. Do you look for personality or looks: personality. we will all look wrinkled and smelly someday.
27. Perfect match: vanilla ice cream and hot soggy french fries
28. How many rings before you answer the phone: depends who’s calling
29. Future Career plans: Events Manager
30. Do you sleep with stuffies? yes
31. Do you want kids: SOMEDAY.
33. Are you cute: cute are for dogs. I am definitely hot.
34. Do you have your own phone line? Yeap.
35. Do you get along with your family? Yeap.
36. Do you have any piercings or tattoos?: yes and yes.
37. Giving hugs?: I live to be hugged
38. Taking walks in the rain: definitely.
39. The mall?: Greenhills and Glorietta
40. Go on stage?: been there, done that.
41. to Drink: or not to drink..that is the question. (jesus, im bored)
42. to Smoke: only way to survive!
43. Drugs: i’ve been clean!
44. Eat meat: yeap.
45. Date: October 1
46. Chocolates: best friend and mortal enemy
47. Eat sushi:no, thanks.
48. Bike: waah.. I don’t know how!!!
50. Lace or Satin: Lace is too itchy.

51. Blue or Red: RED.
52. New or Old: new, but im more comfortable with old.Ü
53. Rain or Snow: rain
55. Wool or Cotton: Cotton
56. Rose or Daisy: rose
57. Private or public school: Private
58. Plain milk or chocolate milk: Non-Fat Milk Please
59. Celsius or Fahrenheit: Celsius
60. Spring or Fall: SPRING!
61. Math or Art: pwedeng both?
62. One pillow or two: 2 and MORE please
63. Dogs or Cats: love dogs, but acts like a cat.
64. Adidas or Nike: Adidas
65. Coke or Pepsi: Coke Zero.
66. Oranges or Apple: Green Apples
67. Deaf or Blind: none of the above.
68. Pool or hot tub: Pool!!
69. Blonde or Brunette: Brunette!
70. Boxers or briefs: hhhhawwr. Boxer briefs from Calvin Klein baby.
71. Tall or short: tall.
72. TV or Radio: TV
73. Drive: manual

Personal Stand on…
74. Brand names: too hard to get them, I like ukay-ukay better, but if I have the money to, why not?
75. Abortion: never.
76. Religion: Catholic
77. Animal Rights: YES THEY HAVE RIGHTS!!
78. Love at first sight: Lust
79. God: is with me.
80. Aliens: are out there
81. Horoscopes: I read them often. Might be generic, but its something I keep in mind.
82. Heaven: someday
83. Hell: I don’t want to go there..
84. Reincarnation: redemption
85. Transvestites: fine with me if they’re happy.
86. Boy Bands:I have to admit I like some of their songs-okay-most of them but im not a Boy Band fanatic.
87. Rap: expression
88. 80’s music: horrible voices, wonderful lyrics
89. Punk: ummm.. Fine with me, but they take too much energy.
90. Whats the prettiest instrument(s): harp/violin, piano, SAX is the hottest instrument.
91. Whats the prettiest part of the body?: PWET PARE.
92. Biggest fault: laziness
93. Biggest fears: ipises
94. Do you live in the moment?: YES.
95. Do you care about looks?: uhm, yes. but not so much. its natural to be like that..
96. Do you like your handwriting?: yeap
97. Obsession: books, bags, shoes and underwear
98. Looking forward to: the future
99. Favorite weather: please let it rain. it’s too hot.
100. Do you ever wish you were somebody else?: of course not. I LOVE BEING ME!!Ü