in which i talk about Binoe

took a rest from reviewing for my test later and i stumbled through the recent mariel – robin love tandem. GRABE LANG TALAGA HA. NAKAKALOKA SI ROBIN PADILLA. i want one like him.

i think my fascination/obsession with Papa Binoe started when i watched this movie, and heard these epic lines.

i wouldn’t have been older than a grade 7 tweener, but from that moment on,i was a Binoe fan for life. as i looked at mariel, i wondered how could she still remain in a solid state with those eyes piercing through her soul. i wouldn’t last 5 seconds with that man. and what a sweet talker he is, may it be sincere or not, it still hits that home spot. grabe. laglag panty. feeling ko sa amoy palang, toothpick na ang hihingin ko.

so what is it really with bad boys?

let’s start with a disclaimer: i am ok with all my exes, and walang pinanghuhugutan tong kahit ano. ito po ay palagay lamang, isang simpleng pagmamasid at walang kinikilingang pag-alala sa mga aral na naidulot ng nakaraan.

i think i’ve never been in a relationship with a “good boy”. you know, the boy next door, cookie cut type. and it’s not that surprising really, since i’m not your typical cut from the mold too. one way or another, through their physical or emotional attributes, a part of them represented my “binoe”. if other girls dreamt of their “prince charming” to rescue them from their high tower and hitch them in their white horse, i dreamt of my “binoe” who would catch me as i snuck out of the tower and head of to a long drinking session.

i never had a shy boyfriend, obviously because i would prolly just bore him to death, nor a boyfriend who didn’t have at least 1 vice. ironically, 2 of them were allergic to alcohol, but this was compensated in other areas. most of them were brash, outspoken, loud and proud to the point that most of them received the evil eye from my mom. well, as of now, “mom knows best” is still the prevailing law when it comes to my love life.

but how they loved me, and so did i. through whatever span of time i spent with each of them, i felt like a princess. yun nga lang, kelangan pang batukan at sabihang, “umayos ka nga, inaalagaan kaya kita.” just because i am as stubborn as them. some were fiercely jealous, some were insensitively numb. but each of them had their moments – those constant, sparkling moments that swells me up inside and just makes me love them all over again.

settling? compensating? seeing the good in the person when they are damaged? maybe. even i can’t answer this question for myself which is why there’s an entry happening right now. maybe because i myself have built walls high enough that it takes a bad boy to just don’t care and topple it all down. maybe because if i had a polite, introverted, low-self esteemed partner it would just be a burden to me. who really knows?

i can see Direk laughing at me right now, as he is molding my right one for me. maybe in the end i get to eat my words and fall in love with a star wars geek who hates alcohol, allergic to nicotine and wakes up early in the morning for a morning jog. or maybe i get someone like binoe. i can hear Direk smirking, “ikaw ha, nagiginng impatient ka nanaman ha. yari ka sakin pag pinakawalan ko na to.”

in then end, i think what’s most important is whether he’s a bad boy or not, it will all boil down to him being your man. because no one is perfect, and you just have to choose the imperfections that fit perfectly to your own imperfections too. sabi nga ni Ewan McGregor, the greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is to love and be loved in return.

pero now, the greatest thing that i should learn is Rule 114 of the ROC. ilang oras nalang test ko na, pero daldal pako ng daldal dito, wala naman pinatutunguhan. basta lang talaga maka gawa ng ibang bagay.

o sha, game na ulit.
i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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