in which i talk about cheerleaders

one thing i admire most about cheerleaders is their uncanny ability to become that headaching sunlight to a dark cast sky.

“who cares if the team is behind 45 points! we have 5 more minutes to go!”

now, normal human beings would be calculating at this point, saying, “nah, that’s impossible already. wala na to.talo na.”

cheerleaders would go, “all you have to do is make 9 points per minute and we can tie this game!!”

nice math, but hey, libre lang mangarap.

this sucks me back to my DLSU days, watching the always anticipated, always legendary, UAAP DLSU-ADMU finals. the year was 2002, and we were defending our 4 peat championship. after the two “given” games for the finals, game 3 was on hand. i was just a sophomore back then, but watching the finals in Araneta Coliseum gives you this certain glow and passion for your school. i have trouble remembering the exact things that happened that day (especially since i just keep nudging my seatmate to ask what’s happening each time the referee blows his whistle) but what i remember the most is that we never stopped cheering until that final buzzer. everytime DLSU would score, we would cheer as if it was the winning point. never mind that we were 7 points behind in the end. what mattered is that we stuck by our team and still held our heads up high. i vaguely remember a text quote going something like, “even the great archer has to lower down his arrow in order for the young eagle to fly..” or something like that. there were no more talks of, “dapat eto ginawa mo, mali kasi ang systema mo.”

tapos na eh. alam mo yon?

i think that’s a true definition of a cheerleader. you can do pessimism all by yourself. it’s the “you can do it” that you have to be reminded of.

but i do get it. of course, one has to look at his past mistakes in order to create a brighter future. but i think what’s more important than that, is staring back at the present to actually start doing that brighter future.

my point is, if you’re going to be my cheerleader and my number one fan, stop talking as if i was built to lose.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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