in which noynoy becomes my president

but gibo remains to be my man.

Dear Mr. Teodoro,

I am writing this open letter to show my appreciation for everything that you have done for over the 3.6 million people who believed in your dream of a better Philippines.

The truth is, I first learned about your campaign through Facebook, when one of my friends kept inviting me to become part of your group. I became curious on why an unknown person even had the audacity to try and run for the highest position of the land. It also did not help that you were under the political party of the current administration whom a lot of people despise and cannot wait to end.

But dear Sir, this is why i have grown to respect and admire you in more ways than possible. You were hated, mocked and jeered, but you simply pleaded for us to listen to what you had to say. You always remained cool and logical. Never mind that you graduated in more than one prestigious school. How you presented yourself to the people does not take intelligence, it only takes mutual respect, basic good morals and right conduct. You never even promised us anything that you would be able to do. You gave all of US  the responsibility to be a part of a better country. You gave us hope.  It was not because of your “galing at talino” that you have impressed me, but because of the courtesy and respect you have shown your opponents, and the importance you have given to us small people whose voices are too small to be heard in the congress. You have remained humble and steadfast to your vision and your goal not just for you, but for all of us. As you have so eloquently put, “I did not run for myself but for an idea.” May this serve as an inspiration to others who are in the position of power right now.

Personally, you have stirred something in me that no other politician has ever done before. I can’t seem to decipher it, but the closest words i can think of are pride and hope. Proud  to have even heard someone of your brilliance speak so concretely on how we can become a better nation, and more importantly i think, is HOPE. Hope that eventually when i reach your age, i will still be able to combine my ideals and put it in to concrete actions.

I keep seeing shout-outs that say, “wala na tayong pag-asa kung hindi si Gibo ang maging presidente natin. our country is going to the dogs.”   But to my fellow green team members, if we start thinking that way, everything that Gibo has said over the past 6 months would all die in vain. He never stopped talking about nationwide healing and reconciliation. We should not start this presidency on a sour and bitter note. That’s why i congratulate Noynoy for becoming the president, and i hand him my heart and my ideals just like i would have done if Gibo would have won.

Sir, I know that you are a man of your word, but I sincerely hope that you will run again for the next elections. Even as a senator. If you meant everything that you said, you will not let these dreams just die. You started out alone sir, but in a span of less than a year, you have gained 3.6 million believers. And this is one survey you cannot just ignore. Marami po kaming naniniwala sa kakayahan ninyo.

You may not have died for us, but for me, it is more than enough that you believed.

Mabuhay ka, Ginoong Gilbert Teodoro.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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