so how cute is this?

ever since i got here in SD, nights were always TFC nights, which works to my advantage because i haven’t watched my soaps FOREVER. yesterday though, things suddenly changed. it was in baseball. i thought at first it was jayson watching the games but then i always go up after eating so i never saw who watched it until tonight.

lola enjoying the game while lolo stifles a yawn

sitting here on the dining room, i can’t help but chuckle hearing my lola throw some whoops of joy every time bell (that’s the pitcher for the san diego padres)throws a strike. and she also knows when it’s a foul or it’s a ball, and keeps up with the scores of both teams. i wasn’t focused on the tv but my lola can pass as an announcer for baseball and i was able to keep up with the game. mejo mabagal nga lang, but you kinda get the point. that’s good for her, to keep her mind sharp.

lolo, on the other hand, sneaks a yawn here and there, resting his head on the armrest of the sofa. recently, he just sleeps the whole day. sometimes, he forgets what happened earlier in the morning, but he still knows everyone and is still able to make his own opinions on random things. right now, he closes his eyes. he opens it a few seconds later, and talks to my lola about the game. my lola answers patiently, giving her own opinion on how the game should be played. my lolo would then stare at the tv, then slowly closes his eyes again. my lola is unmoved  in watching her game, throwing a hoot here and there, and the cycle begins again.

one day, i’ll find someone to be bored with like that.

i should start watching baseball now.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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