day 8

today’s plan was legoland. forecast said that it would be cloudy but my tita persisted that we should go. so we did. on the way there, it was bright and sunshiny. since we started out pretty early, we decided to hit lunch outside since it was really expensive inside those theme parks. my goal for today – PANDA EXPRESS.

lunch - half fried rice, half chow mein, honey walnut shrimp and kung-pao chicken. and i couldn't finish all of it no matter how i tried.

after eating, we headed towards legoland already and the clouds were high and pretty. no signs of rain.

white floating clouds on a very blue sky

until we reached legoland.

see that dark sky hovering over the logo?

we were inside the park for a good 10 minutes (already lining up for our first ride) when it all came pouring down. we were stubborn at first not to leave our place, but with no umbrellas or even a proper jacket for rain (fleece is not a proper jacket at all) we knew we had to give up. a couple of minutes later, legoland announces that the rides are closed due to the rain.

bad rain.

not to waste our day, however, we again checked for jayson’s jacket, but even that didn’t work the way we planned. but it’s okay. at least we tried.

it's okay, cuz. you'll get it soon. no need to scowl at the camera.

good thing at the end of the day, there were brownies and muffins. my cousin can bake. pwede ka nang mag-asawa.

he can bake your cake and eat it too.

thanks Direk for pandas and brownies to make my day.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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