day 2

went to the san diego zoo with the que family today.

pwede na ba akong adopted kid?

the only zoo that was familiar to me was the manila zoo only because back in college we used to spend our free time back there.

someone: may pasok ka?

b: mamaya pa 2:40.

someone: tara, manila zoo tayo.

eavesdropper: sama ako!

kaladkarin: ako din!

perfect excuse not to be able to go to class on time. at least we were spending our free time productively learning about the animals.  but this zoo was amazing!

mahirap siguro kung oc ang flamingo

i’m pretty sure it was my first time to see a flamingo, or if i ever did see one, it wasn’t as pretty as this. there were so many other pretty animals roaming around, sayang lang i didn’t bring the right lens for the day.

it's the i like to move it move it animals!!!

i had to keep one promise to one super kulit boy back home. since he wasn’t with me, this is his proxy for my trip.

tigger with his idol

well, you can’t really see the tiger in the background because he was sleeping when we passed by. but that was okay, i had tigger with me the whole time.

after the zoo we headed to balboa park that is absolutely gorgeous; saturated with art, culture and GAWD!! things that i really like to shoot.

i want to lomogrify this place!

i’m definitely coming back here. this deserves one whole day.

the wacky que family
with the little patty

went to ate at Phil’s for dinner with some friends of tito and tita. i wish i had a bigger appetite for the baby back ribs, but i firmly believe hanggang kiddie meals lang talaga ko. still, the food was HUGE and great. and to think i’m not so much into baby backs ribs, i really enjoyed the meal. i remember telling mimi, she was also the one who introduced me to baby back ribs back when we were in grade school. so it’s cool like that.

possibly the best ever ribs i've ever tasted.

next stop: sea world.

i’m out.


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a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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