day 1

it’s spring break here in SD so jayson does not have classes during the first week that i’m going to be here. and because of that, he is my designated tourist guide. this will be hard on the both of us because before this vacation, the longest time we have spent together is prolly 2-5 hours.

so it’s not surprising that our first conversation went somehow like this:

J: ate, where do you want to go?

B: um.. not really sure.

J: ok, we can go to the mall or something.

B: ok, mall it is.

he just turned 17, which makes me –

so we went to otay ranch town center to have a look around. and since he was 17 and is still a growing boy, he needed to chow down some food.

jayson @ 17

that’s not surprising really, especially since i have a younger brother who can wolf down a whole watermelon in one sitting. i wanted to take more pictures but it began to rain.

not exactly the sunny cali i was hoping for

but that’s okay. it’s just day 1 of 21. there’s a lot of things that can happen in 20 days.

besides, later that day, mimi picked me up. i think it’s really a blessing that she was here during my first trip to the US. a sorta warm-up for me. i know that my relatives will be pretty strict on me especially since it’s my first time here.

i remember just before leaving i was googling everything so i had an idea on where i was going. i was used to the excellent public transportation UK had so i was kinda expecting the same thing.

to my dismay, none of my relatives (except my 95 year old lolo and lola) knew how to commute, since they grew up with cars already.

aah. a minor setback, i’m sure.

anyhoo. today we went to seaport village in downtown SD. it was a great start to the long vacation. a familiar face in an unfamiliar territory. it got me into thinking, maybe someday, TR would be able to take time off and tour the US all together in one trailer. i think that would be fun for all of us. we’ve got good drivers, planners, photographers and cooks. i’m pretty sure we’ll survive. but maybe the trailer won’t.

mimi is really great with her nephew/godson/alaga luis. she dotes on him as if he was her own, and i am not surprised because she is such a loving person to start with. kahit na pagod na, sige, go parin. and who can blame her, really? the little one is just plain adorable.

nang! dun tayo sa malayo!

and luis – ay, don’t get me started. i would like to wrap him in a bundle and make him kulit all day long – kelangan nakabundle sha para hindi malikot. but they’re supposed to be like that – makulit, malikot and ulitmately, pacute. masungit and charming at the same time. i’m pretty sure this kid will be a headturner someday –  if he isn’t one already!

he just knows someone's taking a picture of him. may pinagmanahan talaga to.

not bad for my first day.

sunset @ seaport village

i’m out


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