in which i talk about trouble sleeping

it’s been this way ever since i can remember.

i don’t think i was ever a creature of sleeping on time. the only time i was able to do that was when i was training for my competition. besides that, i’ve always found a reason not to sleep. there is always something i can do, or surf on the net. i’m not scared of the dark. at least the darkness of my room or any familiar place that i’ve been.

during my first few days in UK, i thought, “finally, i would sleep on time since i was always up at night and sleeping during the day. but then that still wasn’t the case. i would still sleep late and most of the time i would be puyat. i therefore conclude that it wasn’t the time zone at all. it was just all me.

i get very restless when i’m alone.

mom is always ALWAYS on my case. i know that sleeping is important to the human body. i am fully aware of the effects of lack of sleep, but somehow, i can’t come into terms with this.

the past few weeks have been horrible. horrible only because i’ve been doing a lot of stuff during my puyatan hours and not dilly dally with other things. nasanay narin siguro ang katawan ko that i’m not sleeping properly. and yeah, i know this is something i shouldn’t be proud of.

i would love to be able to sleep on time again. i try to cut my time in the internet or stop doing everything at around 11pm, only to find myself wide awake around 2AM and having trouble going back to sleep. what’s up with that.

and today, as i type this entry, i haven’t slept a single wink for the entire night. again. it’s a habit. and i spend the whole day hoping as i lie at my bed the next night i would be able to have a restful sleep.

tonight, i hope of the same thing. malapit nako grumaduate. i wouldn’t want to carry this habit on when i land on a 8-5 job. urk. that would be horrible.

OR, i won’t get an 8-5 job. ewan.

must get ready for school now. have a lot of paper i have to submit today. wheee *^^*


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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