in which i finish everything in my plate and be proud of it

just got home from dinner with papa – the 2nd one for this year.  i know it could have been sooner, but me and my brother have been going out every weekends.

we still ate at spring deer, one of his favorite restaurants, and tonight he said, “iba naman orderin ninyo, yung hindi pa natin natitikman.” so we looked, and ended up ordering nido soup, yang chow (of course you must have soup and fried rice if you’re eating chinese!!!) broccoli with egg whites, steamed white chicken and beef brisket.

yung beef brisket actually favorite ni papa yan, pero since   we order, he would say, “orderin niyo na gusto niyo” that would automatically mean hot shrimp salad. so the beef brisket was something we know they like but since we like chinese so much we selfishly order what we want only.

anyway, so we were eating and then papa starts to get more broccoli and i was thinking “wow, he must really like it since he hasn’t finished  eating and yet he’s getting some more – which was good, because i don’t like broccoli much. yuk.”

but he started to give my mom the broccoli that he got, and then served some for me too. and then he said, ” kumain kang mabuti, maganda sa katawan yan. kumain ka pa.”


you have to understand that this is a big deal for me. the last time i remember my dad putting food in my plate was when i was still in grade school. for me, this is his way of making lambing. my dad, you see, is a provider. he’s not so much into hugs and all that. and so small things like this, makes my heart leap and blindly assume it’s him making lambing. the more he put on my plate the more i try to finish the food he puts there – as if the food that he puts in my plate symbolizes the love he has for me, and me eating all of it is actually accepting all his love back.

so much assumption for a simple meal.

anyway,  we started talking about family shiet and all that, and then he says, “ayokong gumawa ng bagay na hindi kayo magiging proud sa akin. gusto ko maging proud kayo sa papa ninyo.”

my heart swelled as tears started rushing in my eyes. pero sa akin nalang yon. kasi angas family kami. wala naman dahilan tas naiiyak ako. haller.

the main point of this entry is, i’m thankful to Direk that my papa is still alive. he’s not the perfect husband or father a child could dream of, pero matanda nako. naiintindihan ko na lahat yon. ok na yon. at the end of the day, he’s the only papa i have, and i wouldn’t wouldn’t exchange him for anyone else. mahal na mahal ko parin sha.

papaluvand i’ll always be proud of you papa! no matter what!

happy bob is out. *^^*


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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