25 random things about me

since i’m still here in fourthdoor doing the logo for our RTV shiet and peanut tagged me for this, i shall attempt to provide you with 25 random (and utterly useless) things about me.

1. i usually stand with one foot tiptoed. i don’t know why and when i started doing it, but i find it  more comfortable in doing so.

2. i can (or used to, i haven’t tried for the longest time) finish a whole bottle of mayonnaise in one sitting.

3. … and i can partner anything with it. the weirdest i think are bananas. bananas and mayonnaise. yum. how phallic.

4. i also use mayonnaise in replacement for hot oil treatments. it really works!

5. i’ve never had a hot oil treatment in the parlor.

6. i was born on a saturday, at exactly 9:36 am.

7. i love the color green but my wardrobe mainly consists of black, white and red.

8. i enjoy watching movies alone. i get irritated with not needed commentaries by people around me. that’s why you have coffee AFTER the movie, to talk about it AFTER watching the movie, so there’s no need to shout, “eto na yung part na mamamatay sha!!!” pffbt.

9. corinne bailey seems to soothe me the most right now.

10. i hide money in my books. so when i really need money i open a book and then i find money!

11. i also scatter coins all over my room (under my bed, cabinet, closets) so when i clean my room it’s my “reward”.

12. i need to “kuyakoy” my feet before i go to sleep. or have someone scratch my back or “tapik-tapik” my ass.

13. usually that’s my mom. ahehe.

14.  my poison of choice is vodka.

15. i’m left handed and do almost everything with my left hand except

16. playing the guitar and using scissors.

17. i’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now.

18. i love wearing sunglasses. rain or shine.

19. but i’m lazy to wear my eyeglasses.

20. i can eat spam anytime, everytime. (with mayonnaise too!!)

21. i count the times i get hugs everyday.

22. my comfort food: soup or mac and cheese.

23. i hold my hand when i get lonely.

24. my favorite english words are turtle and boing.

25. when i was young, i used to imagine i was a prisoner of war and would only be given food twice a day (of course i would play during the day so the time frame would be a lot faster) and my food would be a handful of piknik and water.

ok so there are my 25 random things. it’s already the day after, i already fell asleep and was not able to go to class. *buntonghininga* ayoko naman mabulag sa swimming. and i tag everyone who read this entry. the people i want to tag already tagged me a long time ago eh. so give it a shot! yes you!! i’m talking to you!!! go and write it down!!!!!!!!

sorry, bagong gising.



Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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