running after Truth Thursdays: WHAT BRINGS ME GLADNESS

in no particular order, whatsoever:

hugs.butterfly kisses.babies in boxes.puppies.sunrise.sunset.beaches.crickets.pangs.mac n’ cheese.french fries.poetry.corny jokes.Ben n’ Jerry’s ice cream.chili empty gym.worship meetings.Direk.conversations over coffee.cold toes on a warm tummy.cuddles.spooning.satin.patintero.hide n’ seek.Bob Marley.road trips.idle sundays.dvd marathons.will and grace.cold pillows on a warm night.great fitting jeans.streamline gigs.gimmick saturdays.ym.jim carrey.hugh jackman.angelina jolie.andy best friend’s wedding.pretty women.julia games.FIFA.Formula 1.turntables.high heels that doesn’t hurt.a new book.marsh.SE weekends.DWTL weekends.Fuego.Amanpulo.old bands.corinne bailey internet back being scratched.flip-flops.lounge chairs.good pair of shakes.hammocks.good hair brother’s lambing.TR.a jampacked church.parking near the mall (no parallel parking please).full tanks.beautifully tanned kalbo guys.a firm texts.ellie the elephant.bebe.spontaneous random ideas that i get to blog right away.a well-used journal.checky’s surprise.cartwheels.graduation.massages.spas.museums.parks.walking barefoot.a book that takes me far away from inspiring bars.Twix.Hershey’s with kisses.laugh trips.hoodies.crossword puzzles.craypas.dancefloors.billiards.PBO.old sharon cuneta movies.blankets.chapsticks.playing in the rain.

a hand on my hand
a warm back
listening to crickets in the middle of nowhere
little dreams
big dreams

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Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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