a letter to future bob (10 years from now)

dear bob,

hopefully you still call yourself bob. by now you must be juggling 3 to 4 things up in the air (it’s not as if you are new to that) but hopefully you have a firmer grasp on things.

right now i’m in this stage that they call “quarter-life crisis”. by the time you read this letter, we will be 35 already. and boy would i love to know what path you have chosen.

i wish you wouldn’t be as jaded as i imagine myself to be in the future. anyway, sa lakas naman ng paninindigan mo, i hope naging ok naman ang choices natin. if not, then i guess we just have to learn from them.

are you still in touch with the people you care about the most? if you are already in another country, i urge you to call them up right now. (sana hindi malaki ang time difference) be nostalgic for at least 30 minutes and then go back to what you were doing. (this is also assuming that you’re rich enough to call overseas) if you’re still here, then text them and say hello. (may text pa kaya by this time? baka hologram na.. or whatever is the new technology by then)

i’m scared of you. i don’t know how you’ll turn up to be that’s why i guess i’m writing this letter so later on i wouldn’t be so hard on myself. to remind you that at some point in my life, i never really knew how i would end up being so there’s nothing really to lose.

here’s a thought: i hope you have found happiness. and him that you can get bored with – playing with your toes and maybe 1-3 mini-us. back now, that’s the only thing we wanted. we just want to be happy. simple and happy. i was never really a fan of getting filthy rich. i would get so confused where to spend all that money.

and if you’re not, at least i hope you have found stability and contentment. i hope by now, you are the daughter our mother wants us to be. being you for the past 25 years, i can say that you would definitely know how to amuse yourself.

kung big girl nako ngayon, mas big girl ka na jan.

and still, if your not happy, stable and contented with your life, i urge you to stand up for it already. kung problema mo parin ang pinoproblema mo ngayon, UTANG NA LOOB. pick a side.

always remember our favorite line: “my grandma used to say, this too shall pass.” Direk has been so kind to us to live this long. let’s try to do something meaningful to thank Him back.

love always,


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

2 thoughts on “a letter to future bob (10 years from now)”

  1. and i will still be there for you pangs! probably enjoying a dinner in burj al arab or watching the sunset at ibiza or just stuck in the middle of nowhere while listening to crickets 😀

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