trying to shake off the scrooge

here i am watching re-runs of Kyle XY with my brother our living room and it’s Christmas eve. i’ve greeted almost everyone (reminder: buy load when you wake up tomorrow) i love in hopes of getting more than this blah feeling that apparently this house is having right now.

Christmases here in BF has almost always been this quiet, only because mom would be celebrating her birthday on the 28th and that’s when all the action happens. still, there’s something serene and quiet about this Christmas.
and it had to rain this afternoon just to add to that somber, sullen climate all over the house.

good thing Lex is around to give bursts of cuteness and innocence in the house. it only gets a bit annoying when he starts pooping all over the house. but what does he know – he’s just a little pup.

and so, in hopes of shaking off this scrooge behind my back before this entry ends, here are my Christmas wishes for everyone.

this Christmas…

may you have enough tupperware to hold all the Christmas stuffing
may you have enough patience to drive around the traffic jamming.
may your gut be strong enough to hold all the beer
may your unlitext stay long enough to send your holiday cheers;
may the networks work double time so our messages won’t be lag
may our metabolism work fast enough so our bodies won’t sag
may you have enough wit to keep the conversation going
may you have enough friends around so the holidays won’t be so boring
may everyone have a good time at all the parties you throw
and if all else fails, have a good movie to show
may the coffee be strong enough to keep you awake
after a big party night in which you stayed up so late
and may bosses all around be more understanding
if ever the coffee just doesn’t start working
these and much more i hope for you this Christmas day
and i send you all my love – near and far away;
and now that Christmas is within our sight
i greet you:
happy christmas to all, and to all a good night!

kinda working.

Happy Christmas, everyone!


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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