…and i’m back.

currently downloading (through torrent na this time, getting discographies of favorite artists and such) songs and making sure everything is labled correctly in my itunes while listening to the newly uploaded songs

surfing the net, keychain-ing passwords (since i’m lazy like that), bookmarking favorite sites, installed stumble and stumbling like a maniac

installing programs and organizing them in my dock

creating folders and updating my resume and other important what-nots (“important” clearly meaning things that are important to me and otherwise be meaningless to other people).

sure, i’ll miss playing RO and other online games that were conveniently available to a PC, i’ll definitely miss having a normal YM (ang baduy mo bob, ala kang audibles!) but nothing beats typing away in my own laptop. besides, i am downloading WoW to feed the re-birth of my MMORPG needs ( i think i just went into geek mode there).

i still think of the files i’ve lost from time to time, but as a drunk person once told me, “ayosh leng yen. may ishang keysh pa sha baba *hik*” it’ time to bring out new bottles and get drunk once again.

but i’ll defintely back up this time.

i’m back. 😀


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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