in which i finished cleaning my room

and it wasn’t easy at all.

to those who know me quite well, they know that i’m a bit of a clutter-brain. and my room can be a witness to that. books in one corner, clothes on the other. my bed serves as a desk to usual things i reach for – cellphone, book or two, keys, my wallet and if i’m even lazier, my bag. parang parating binabagyo ang kwarto ko – and i’ve come to realize, my room gets messier everytime i refuse to let go of something.

so yes, for the past few months, my room has been uninhabitable – by definition of other people. i can live in it, really, and i guess i cannot just clean it per area. when i start cleaning my room, i have to go through the whole process. drawers, cabinets, floor, walls, fan and bed. put everything on the floor, put things where they belong, arrange by color or shape, wash and pledge after. for some reason, i can’t just put things back in their proper place right after i use them. or at least where they really are. in my defense, i put it within the proximity of where it’s supposed to be.

so tonight, i just decided to finally clean my room. i’ll be honest here. my room was so messy, i still had my luggage from my last trip. although wala na shang damit, things were still in the bag – beach stuff and other things that i piled on top of it.

so why did i clean my room? i guess i felt it was finally time to let go.

putting everything into one big pile is the easiest task of all. i just grab everything in my cabinets and pile them up in to one big heap. and later on, after cleaning my bed, i do the same thing with my clothes. it’s amazing what i find in these pile of thingamabobs – movie tickets, bus tickets, covers of unknown bottles (if i don’t find the partner) small letters, candy wrappers, lighters – my list can go on and on. see, not only am i a clutter-brain, but also a self-confessed pack rat. i tend to keep things that i think will serve as a memento of a moment that i would like to remember – so that explains the bus tickets and the movie tickets.. and the candy wrappers. maybe it’s also the romantic in me that wants to show that i actually kept something so insignificant just so i remember how significant a moment is.

but as promised earlier this year, i willfully, obligingly try to keep my mementos at a minimum. and surprisingly, i threw my tickets away. i had to. i have to remember it’s all in my equally creatively cluttered brain.

another fun part of cleaning my room is the amount of coins i find. today, i was able to find 534.75 pesos worth of coins. coins palang yan. wala pa yung mga peso bill that i keep in between the books. that one i will clean when i really need it.

so now i have a clean room. knowing me, in a week or two, i would mess everything up again. i would find new things to pile up, or remember old clothes that i wish i didn’t throw or gave away but life goes on. ganon naman talaga diba? you mess up, then you start picking up things one by one until it’s spanking new again.

i just wish this one would last until my birthday.

i’m out. 🙂


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

One thought on “in which i finished cleaning my room”

  1. Hey Bobsie! I found your blog ulit! 🙂 I started wordpress just recently. I got tired of maintaining my Tabulas. Not that there’s anything interesting in my new blog. Hehehe. Hope you’re doing great and getting ready for that birthday of yours. 🙂

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