remember that this won’t kill you. remember what Direk has promised you. remember how much this hurts, and would only mean how much better you’ll be in the future.

to my future who is reading this: remember not to be scared. remember to be respected. you were played, but it is more important that you didn’t play. you were true and you gave it a chance. be thankful for whatever gift you have right now. i had to go through this experience so that i can remind you later on that Direk holds the script of your life and you cannot change it. Ask yourself now: did i truly love him? and hopefully the answer will bring you peace.

guard your heart, Bob, but take courage. All will fall into place in time.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

One thought on “25.06.08/7:04PM/Starbucks”

  1. girl, that’s the first step to everything. i am glad you still smile despite of the storm that you’re in. your entries are empowering and uplifting. continue to write for us that cannot put down what we feel. God bless you always.

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