in which i remember to be grateful

i’ve been having a really rough week so i decided to list down the things i’ve been grateful for these past few days.

1. i’m grateful for my feet. i am grateful that they are strong and pinanganak akong kaladkarin. i am grateful for the “kalyo” (di ko alam english eh. sorry) under my feet that makes it less painful to walk long distances.

2. i’m grateful for my hands. without it, i wouldn’t be able to do anything productive at all.

3-4. i am grateful for my mom’s bed. since she’s still in the US, i get to sleep at her bed with aircon. (of course nakatimer lang yon to 1 hour. mahal na ang kuryente ngayon) of course, it would be better if mom was here so she can tapik-tapik me to sleep, so i’m also grateful for my mom’s absence. it made me realize how important she is to me and how i’m not yet ready not to have her in my life.

5. i’m grateful for the rain. it’s been so hot lately that i am actually welcoming the storm that is coming to town. and as one of my favorite facebook bumper sticker says, “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”
maybe i’ll dance in the rain soon. and feel like a child again.

6. i am grateful for my eyes and my glasses. i hate wearing my glasses but because i can work at my laptop for more than 10 hours a day, it minimizes my migraines.

7. i am grateful for my friends who have the capacity to forgive me in my shortcomings as a person and as a friend. now i have to start forgiving myself.

8.i am grateful for the tricycles/buses who doesn’t care even if i carry big silver cases and still let me pay for one person only even if i’m taking space for 2.

9. i am grateful for videoke. although i wasn’t able to sing since i was in a meeting, hearing my rakon songs made me feel better. someone sang my Aegis song. so rakon to you.

10.i am grateful for my friends. even though i don’t see them as much as i want to, they are still there to help me even with the smallest problems and treat it as if it was the most important dilemma in the world.

11. i am grateful for Streamline. they are a constant Saturday fix for me. even though i don’t see them often too (wow, that phrase is coming out a lot) i can always count on them to be in Bistro every Saturday. and even though it’s against their will, they do sing Buttercup just to humor me. and my favorite songs too.

12. i am grateful for my SE classmates. when things get too tiring, thinking of their own commitments and responsibilities makes me not whine for what i have. i am reminded that what we do should be done out of joy, because this is all for Direk. to whom much is given, much is expected.

13. i am grateful for my lolas. they make sure that there is food everytime i get home. they might remind me more than once but i know it’s only because they care.

14. i am grateful for my shepherd. it’s nice to be able to talk to someone who you know will not judge you for what you have done in the past, and despite her very, very, very hectic schedule still finds time to spend a few hours with me to talk about us and whatnots.

15.i am grateful for my brother. with my mom not around, we were given a glimpse of our future, when it would just be the two of us. i’m grateful for his unpredictable bursts of lambings and pang-aasar.

16. i’m grateful for Globe Roaming service. the roaming has been fucked up for the last 4 days and i just realized how convenient it was for me before. not having it is really adding pressure to me.

17. i’m grateful for judge bubblegum. it has kept me going during those times that i had no time to eat or even smoke anymore.

18. i’m grateful for my ever so dependable chinelas. in line with being thankful for my feet, my chinelas (although already slippery since the sole is getting worn out already) makes it very comfortable for me to go around the metro.

19. i’m grateful for my Mac, which in its incapacity to read .mpg files have forced me to learn something new. now i know about codex, converters and all that.

20. i’m grateful for long traffic rides. dahil masandal tulog ako, somehow the lull of the vehicle swings me to sleep all the time.

21. i’m grateful for the rubix cube that keeps me busy during traffic.

22. i’m grateful for him. this week has been rough. and we’ve been shedding our skins. i am grateful because just when i think i have no patience or understanding left, somehow, by the grace of Direk i understand and be patient. i am grateful this because this week i am reminded that he is human and is very much flawed like me. and because of him, i am learning more about me.

granted, there will be more weeks like this in the future, i’m sure i’ll be able to come up with things i am grateful for, and then, it’s not so bad, after all.

sabi nga ng Aegis, “Gulong ng buhay
Patuloy-tuloy sa pag-ikot
Noon ako ay nasa ilalim
Bakit ngayon nasa ilalim pa rin
Sana bukas nasa ibabaw naman.”



Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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