pursuit of randomness

i haven’t written a proper entry for the longest time because i think i’m going through this blank writing block thingimajigie so i’m just going to go random again.

braveheart is showing on Star Movies. i never liked that movie. in fact, i never finished watching that movie.

mom left for the states last friday. my lolo is in the ICU and my tita called my mom to go there ASAP. he’s last of my grandparents. i never met the mom of my mom and the dad of my dad. i usually wish that i had that stereotype of a grandparent. you know – the kind that spoils you to death – always with chocolates and brownies in their houses.

on a brighter note, this weekend was the SE45 weekend. congratulations to everyone who worked their arse off for this weekend. ending SE45 is just a big reality check that our weekend is next! SE46 will be on May 23-25. yaye!!!

still in relation to that, i still haven’t finished my script for the program. i am torn between making an mtv and a short movie. apparently, there has never been an AVP that worked during weekends. but i’m not so keen in doing something live. so there. things would be easy for me during the weekend if it was an avp, but a live prod would be just happy go lucky. soooooo.. i still don’t know what to do about that.

i’ve been wanting to do a long separate entry for my license, but i guess, this is the most i can do for now.

took me 3 whole days to finish it. but after almost 8 years without license, i finally got it. and a legal one too! so good for me. the thing is, i’ve had this license for almost a month now, and the moment i got it, our van conked out. great.

pursuit of happyness is showing in HBO. i love will smith. i’m happy he is taking different roles now, rather than just sticking to the “one man saves the world” story. he makes it seem so easy. there was a goal, and he went and followed it, no matter what. even if it means him losing his shoe.

i have this irritating insect bite that i got from the SE weekend. it’s really really itchy. i got one in my left elbow, and in the right inner arm near my kili-kili. but i’m not really surprised why i got it, sa dami ng hinilahod kong dumi. but there’s just something about serving the weekends that gets me in a natural high. a wise person told me earlier this week, “It’s a difference between what pleases you, and what pleases Him. I’ve been through the same predicament several times before, actually. 🙂 and more often than not, He’s shown me that the bigger blessing is when i choose to die to myself first, and i experience the greater joy…”
and as usual, she was correct.

i miss going to the gym. i miss sweating like a pig, although, it’ s not that hard now with the sweltering heat and all.

april is nearly over and i haven’t had a pinch of sand. i want to see the beach. i want to lie down and fry like bacon. i want to be able to lie on the sand with my toes on the lapping shore. cool shores. not necessarily clear, i just want it cool contrasting with the summer heat. and for some reason, i want black gulaman to go with that.

i was never a fan of halo-halo. i like saba con yelo, mais con yelo. i don’t like minatamis na kamote, or gabi, or any root crop for that matter. i don’t like munggo on my halo-halo too. but i like razons halo halo. labo labo.

now i’m just stuck watching pursuit. they’re in the part where they’re playing basketball. and in a while chris will be saying that nice line from the movie. let me wait for it.

hey, don’t let ever somebody tell you… you can’t do something. not even me. alright?
you got a dream , you got to protect it. people can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. if you want something, go get it. period.

i’m out of things to say already.

so i’ll end it here.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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