in which i talk about moons and sunsets

during the weekend i realized i spent a lot of time looking at the sunset and the gorgeous moon. the moon was absolutely gorgeous for 3 nights and i remember talking to myself (i wasn’t going crazy, i guess i was just puyat) and saying “that moon looks really beautiful.

taking into consideration science and all that rational stuff, sometimes i forget that we are actually on the surface of the earth, that after the atmosphere is a vast space that no matter how i try to visualize it, i think i would never, ever fully understand how beautiful Direk’s work is. and then i see the moon, and i think, a couple of million miles away is that moon. ang galing lang talaga.

i like sunsets better than sunrise because sunset reminds me that everything needs to rest at certain point. i’m in for new beginnings that the sunrise symbolizes, but the sunset, where blue and orange streaks of light paint the sky tells me that i did okay today, that tomorrow is another day for me. and i can’t stare at the sun, with all it’s shining glory and grandeur.

as i was lying on my back on the tarp-turned-into-a-mat last saturday night, i think i spent around 5 minutes looking at the lonely moon. there were stars around her, but she was the only one distinct in that dark sky. and she must have looked very lonely up there, but somehow in her solace, i found her beautiful. still choosing to shine when everything else around her seemed so far away.

when i was a kid, i remember thinking that there was a bunny in the moon. i think that’s why i like eating white rabbit. i don’t know how i am able to connect that but in my own twisted way, i think i just did. of course, later on in elementary, that innocence was shattered by learning that the bunny were actually craters of the moon. i would still like to think that bunnies lived on the moon. that maybe scientists are just to self-righteous to think that we are the only living creatures in this vast universe.

hopefully, my sponsorship this may would have a full moon too, so that when things get a bit tiring for me, all i have to do is look up and be reminded that my problems are small, just like me, compared to the big, big world, and the big, big moon. and i have to thank Direk for always providing me with that. 🙂

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

2 thoughts on “in which i talk about moons and sunsets”

  1. what i like about the moon is that it reminds me of the things that we take forgranted becuase we think it’s so far from us, when in truth, it’s just admiring you from afar…
    good luck on your sponsorship, dollface…

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