super due meme

i’ve been meaning to do this meme for the longest time. it was alejna who first tagged me to do this around march, and i never came around to do it. then today sis tagged me to do this so i finally put some grey matter in to use.

i’m supposed to write 10 random facts about me, so here it goes.

1. my favorite combination would be hot soggy fries with cold vanilla ice cream. hot and cold, salty and sweet. yummm. oh, and nuggets and ice cream too. and just today i found out cheetos and vanilla works too.

2. i don’t mix my spaghetti. i eat the outside pasta first (without too much sauce) and then eat the sauce last.

3. i always have to have an lss in my head. i cannot function properly without a background music playing in my brain. i guess it sets my mood.

4. i don’t snore when i sleep but i definitely drool when i’m tired.

5. i write the best around 2-3 AM. i don’t know why i’m still up by then, but i tend to write more around that time.

6. i wish i was a contortionist. i’ve been dreaming of becoming one ever since i knew i was double jointed.

7. i love spicy food. i don’t put salt when i cook, but i definitely use my spices.

8. i like smelling things and retaining them to my memory. most of the time i remember the smell of a certain event (including the soundtrack of course) more than what actually happened. i like the smell of new money, pentel pens, newly sharpened pencils, newspapers, gasoline, thinners, freshly cut grass, morning dew, newly warm xerox-ed paper, my foot, onions, new laundry and coffee shops, to name a few.

ps. hindi po ako adik.

9. i have a hard time sleeping in my bed, but i can sleep right away in moving vehicles. i’m one of the proud “masa” (masandal tulog). i can even sleep in a tricycle even if it would take 5 minutes from my house to the gate.

10. i have a lot of moles. i have 6 in my face, 1 on upper left shoulder, 1 on my left arm, and 1 at the bottom of my right foot. i’m sure i have a couple of more, but i guess i’ll just leave that to your imagination.

so there. 10 random facts about me.

i tag: pethels, ekums, kerobet, crimsongame, heartfreakgzel, haydeebelen, iamjeric, kishybells, officialbusiness, everybodylovesnikki

ayon lang eh kung buksan nila tong entry na to. hehe.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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