on arguments and answering machines

last night, a couple of friends and i were having this intense discussions on how it is to argue with your partner.  

we have this friend (na-itatago ko na lang sa pangalang Girl) who’s having problems dealing with her partner. we were 7, and each one had her own penny to contribute.  

all the advices were flying off the roof, from the typical “if you love someone, set them free…”  to the unconventional “once you break the trust, you can’t go back (errr?)”

and Girl, although she was absorbing everything that was thrown to her, had her eyes wander off to nothingness. it was as if we were just giving advices to ourselves. 

it was understandable really, no matter how much we can empathize with the person and tell them “we know how you feel” no one would really be able to walk in our own shoes. especially if they’re a size bigger.

i won’t be a hypocrite and say i didn’t say a thing during the whole episode. i always, always have something to say. and like good friends, we all agreed that we were all right, it was just a matter of putting things into perspective and using it in the right scenario. when we finally adjourned, i felt i was a bit wiser from everything everyone talked about. 

when i finally got home, and tried to call and was greeted by an answering machine, all the new things i learned and old things i know just flew out of the window. 

after a long time, i remember i hate talking to answering machines.  

during this sudden surge of irritability, the other bob (yeah, i’m a bit bi-polar) and saying, “so much for your words of wisdom and new lessons learned.” 

the truth with arguments is, it just doesn’t take patience and communication and empathy and all of those nice values and morals to be able to go through it.  timing also counts. because if your timing really sucks, and for some acute reason you were just not in the mood that day

things can really get out of hand.

i’m always thinking of you. 


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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