Nearing the Light at the End of the Tunnel


300 words each, summarized using the inverted triangle format with 5 central points and perspectives
1. Flood Epics: Utnapishtim and Noah
2. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
3. 1001 nights – genie & fisherman, dr. duban & king of greece, king yunan
4. the prophet
5. the moon and the fortified pass
6. i loved her like the leaves
7. divine comedy
8. the myth of Sisiphyss – albert camus
9. the doll’s house
10. How Much Land Does A Man Need?
11.Ode To My Socks
12. The Prince Chapter 15

THEO 61. History of San Agustin Church, Aglipay Church, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Protestanism in the Philippines
2. reaction paper on film watched about people power (division of state and church) –
3 pages, double space

PE 21. practical test on boogie and waltz (ata) 2. final test on 4 dances

1. March 2-3 = immersion in Villa Espana
2. Project Proposal
3. reaction paper on immersion and proposal

1. contact prints of skyscape, waterscape, landscape, triscape, ad, still life, cityscape, human interest
2. 8×10 of chosen pictures
3. March 5-7 – Photo Exhibit

1. mtv
2. documentary (Villa Espana immersion)
3. short film

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