in which i have the sniffles

i’m sick and i hate it.

getting sick really gets me in a bad mood, and a needy one, too. and it’s not helping that i’m missing my favorite man right now.


had a long day today, and i should be sleeping right now since tomorrow would be a longer day with all the CMActivities we have in school. i still haven’t prepared anything to wear, i haven’t charged my phone or my camera. i have to remember to bring the spotlights tomorrow, and the pictures that i have developed.

right now, i really don’t know which i would rather have, colds or cough. i don’t have cough, but i’m on the irritating stage of my colds – you know that part when you try to sniff in the sinus but your nose is too congested? but your sinus just oozes down?

parang mas maganda shang pakinggan sa tagalog.

alam mo yon, pag sinisinghot mo yung uhog mo, pero ayaw sumama kaya tutulo nalang siya? pero pag sininga mo naman, walang sumasama?

yon. mas yucky.



i think i’m getting acidic from eating too much oranges today. i think i will wake up and find myself looking like Garfield. (fat and orange) lousy, lousy feeling.


i was watching the Moulin Rouge with the Bebs a while ago, through a pirated (sorry Chairman Edu) DVD (e sa masmura ang pirated eh) and Baz Luhrmann really rocks. i wish i become half the director that he is. i was 1st year college when this movie was released and i remember buying the soundtrack at UM. (CLASSIC!!) and oo, pirated parin siya.

one of my favorite non-musical part of the movie is when the Duke raises one important practical point: “Why should the courtesan chose the penniless sitar player over the maharajah who is offering her a lifetime of security? That’s real love. Once the sitar player has satisfied his lust he will leave her with nothing. I suggest that the courtesan chose the maharajah.”

of course right after, Christian bursts out exclaiming, “BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T LOVE YOU!”

oo nga naman.

in fairness, both sides have a point. in another angle, it could be possible that Satine also just wanted to fulfill her desires with Christian, but she still wouldn’t love the Duke.

pangit naman kasi nung Duke eh. he looks creepy and sleazy.

i’ve always loved Elton John’s song. hassle lang talaga he wrote it first. i’m sure there are a lot of other people who would feel the same way. i would like to write my own secret song. but no one would ever know. and it’s possible that i’ve already written it… secret nga lang.


okay, the Benadryl is kicking in already. i hope i get to post this entry.

i was thinking how i would be able to improve on pareng Elton’s lyrics and i can’t. and that’s just right especially since he’s already Sir Elton and i’m just bob.

i guess i really like this song because the lyrics are “quite simple”. and that’s just how i want love to be. simple. being a human being is complicated enough. let’s keep feelings simple.

i’m out.



Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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