bursts of memories

i should be taking a bath now instead i find myself writing this entry. as usual, i only find myself the time to write something on the verge of doing something else.
the past few days seems to be a blur to me. i am still wrapped up in my utopian dream – my Shangri-La – that i find myself smiling and sometimes even laughing to myself amidst the traffic or during class.

how powerful could you be that you still haunt my inner thoughts when you are miles away

she finally arrived. everything was new around her and her curiosity was on it’s peak. new things to see, new people to meet and most of all new memories to build. but he wasn’t there. a smirk appears on her lips. they were playing a game. she knew he was there, most probably just watching what her reaction would be to find out he wasn’t there even when he called a few minutes ago. minutes passed by and she was getting tired of doing small talk with her friends. some had already left and she is starting to wonder when the next flight to manila would be.

then just like the scene in my best friend’s wedding, the crowd parted, and there he was, all dressed up, trying to act so suave and debonair. his smile says it all, he had won the game. but it didn’t matter. she wasn’t able to suppress her giggles. 2 steps away and they can hold each other again, but not before he gave her flowers. a small gesture that goes a long way. it doesn’t take much to make her smile, but he knew how to make those gums shine out.

do you know what 3 roses stand for?
uhh.. welcome to hongkong?

she doesn’t know the meaning of freshening up. freshening up would only take a couple of minutes and yet she has managed to go around the room and do everything but what she is supposed to do. he sits at the end of the bed, trying to watch tv while she fixes this and that. she stares in the mirror, trying to remember what she was supposed to do next. he comes from behind, cups her face, smiles and gives her a kiss on the forehead. and she knew she had to hurry. he goes back to watching tv.

it was the first time she saw him pace around. his hands were cold even if the AC was not on and he was wearing a coat. she didn’t mind being around new people. she loved that she can observe everyone else and finally put a face in the name. maybe this time it wouldn’t be that hard remember them. all this time, she knows that he’s looking at her, but doesn’t give him the benefit of acknowledging it. and the grilling begins. they tease her and she bounces back. the observer was being observed.

he hates being late, not having a plan and not knowing what to do irritates him more. she was happy absorbing everything that comes along her path. they were in a vacation, there’s no need to stress out on things. she straightens his crinkled brow (as it was always crinkled), and takes the matter into her hands. a few minutes after, everything was ironed out and back in its festive course.

he grabs her by the hand, and pulls her to the dance floor. she smirks as she remembers her list and puts and imaginary check on it. she smiles as he teases, hands intertwined, he pulls her close, very unlikely for someone who does not know how to dance. suddenly, she was the clumsy one.

it was night time, and the sheets are cold, but the chest that heaved up and down beside her was warm. he sleeps, and twitches intermittently. she watches. she traces his face with her finger, softly, not to disturb him, so she would be able to remember every mark, every crease of his face. she burrows herself in his warm musky scent, and transfers to the other side when she has consumed the other. he doesn’t mind her sleeping and moving beside him. he was more concerned that she would not be able to sleep well, and pulls her closer, tighter, each time she moves. he wishes to run his fingers through her hair, but that can wait, for the meantime. she was weird like that. and as the night went by, they finally fell asleep.

i’ve opened a bottle for you, in case you get thirsty in the middle of the night.”

eating has become a ritual to them, and whether they be eating in a restaurant, or a small cafe by the alley, they have managed to block all other people around them. they take turns picking each other’s food, and even though he ate more than she ever will, he always gave her what he was having. she, in turn, loved it because she was so indecisive with her food.

“i will never say you’re fat, i’ll just say, we need to exercise!”

they walked, hand in hand, resting by the bench overlooking the sea. it was so close that you can smell the sea and hear the waves crash through the rocks. if anybody else passed by, they would see two kids playing and taking random pictures of each other. after all the hustle and bustle of the shortlong weekend, they finally had time to sit down. they kept talking about random things, stealing a hug once in a while, and somehow the laughter was able to drown the longing that would immediately follow once they are not on each other’s arms. “not yet” they said through their words, “not now while we’re still together” they meant while they laughed. until it was time to go. (remember, he can never be late.)

i could go on and on, trying to put to words the memories that keeps bursting in my head, but i know i can never do justice. besides, i think some memories are better left unwritten and just felt.

and if i wasn’t able to say it enough when we were together, i really had a grand time. i know there would be more to come the next time.

hurry back home.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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