in which i talk about spirits

i decided to write this entry at the most inappropriate time – i’m on my way out and about to close the laptop when it just occured to me i wanted to write this entry now.
and so here it goes.
my brother’s girlfriend can see spirits. and sense them, and all that. i’m embarrassed to admit that when they start talking about things that are not earth bound i tend to drift away to my own dimension as well. (hmm. how ironic is that) and then of course my brother asked beb if my third eye was open. and then she said it was.
now this kinda freaks me out a bit. i’m pretty much scared of seeing things that have already died, but i think the major reason is because i don’t know what i would really do when i come face to face with them.
also because media has stereotyped ghosts as scary and harmful. yeah. i’m one of them lemmings.
i would only admit to this now. i acknowledge the fact that they do exist. and one time or another i know i’ve felt their presence around me. it’s just that i choose not to acknowledge them properly. my stand on other beings remains firm: you live in my dimension, and i live in mine. i promise not to bother you, just as long as you don’t bother me.
seriously. that’s why i hate watching horror movies. YOU KNOW something’s behind the door, and still you look at it. they said not to watch the goddamn tape, but still, you insist on watching it over popcorn and a slumber party.
iba talaga ang hatak ng bawal.
the only time i ever saw a spirit, and really have it in my face was a couple of years ago in a certain room. i knew i was sleeping, but there was a figure in the corner of the room that wouldn’t just go away whether i close or open my eyes. it was a horrible feeling as i tried to shut it’s image away, only to find that there were 3 more. i remember they looked like those wraith things in Lord of the Rings (the ones who were after the ring) and when one of them came straight to my face, i remember it was green and ugly and really horrible.
i could have easily left the room, but since we just paid for it, i thought it was sayang to leave right away (let not your wandering minds leave the main topic of this entry) so i decided to shun it. it stayed with us the whole time and i was exhausted when i finally went home because i wasn’t able to go to sleep. when i got home, i thought i would be able to go to sleep, only to “see” it whether or not i close my eyes. i wasn’t able to sleep properly for a week and i would take a bath with the door open. i was freaking out like hell.
this happened around 4 years ago, but it still gives me the creeps whenever i remember this story.
it’s good that i haven’t had an event like that again. i guess my fervent prayers not to be disturbed are being heard by Direk loud and clear. besides, Direk can find other sources of entertainment with me besides scaring me out of my skin.
i don’t know if my third eye is really open, and would NOT want to know if it is open. my only message to the spirit world out there is that i acknowledge and respect your presence in this world, and i would so much gladly love it if we stayed in our respective dimensions for now. i’ll be following in that realm later on, so what’s the use in trying to welcome me now? i’ll find my way there. sooner or later.

so there. i just wanted to share. now i’m really going out.
i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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