in which i talk about valentine’s day

i feel that i should be writing an entry in honor of valentine’s day, but so far there has been no spark for it.

don’t get me wrong, i feel love(d) and i am very much in love, but somehow the hype for this day has not affected me in any way.

my brother, on the other hand, is bringing down the house this year. armed with a dozen of roses and a sack full of petals (and still has no idea where to put them or what to do with them) he will be surprising (?) beb early today in their house, complete with breakfast and if ever, a song that he would be singing. he even had a haircut today so he would look extra-spiffy tomorrow. if beb is really going to the states by this july, then this would be the last valentines they would spend together for a long time. i guess he wanted to make it extra special this year.

i trained my brother well.

for someone who claims to be a hopeless romantic and is in love with love and the holidays as a whole, i just realized that valentine’s day is one of those days i really don’t celebrate with a bang. looking at my past valentine’s days, it was all just another normal day. i think the only time i really did “celebrate” it was when i watched the boysIImen concert a couple of years ago. but even that wasn’t that romantic since my mom picked me up and brought me home. not much space for a little quality time there. oh, there have been romantic dates, here and there, but none that really “knocked my socks off”.

i guess because i am a bit hard to surprise and technically, i would assume there would be something for me, which totally ruins the whole event for the surpriser.

i remember one time that i really ruined the surprise by not going to the designated place (where someone would bring me the flowers and apparently there would be someone serenading me) since i knew he was planning it forever. argh. now i realize i can be a bit mean.

so, you know who you are, and if i haven’t apologized for that, then i’m sorry.

i was talking to my favorite man earlier and it seems we both have the same view about valentine’s day. it shouldn’t be just today that you tell someone that you love them. aren’t we supposed to do that every single day?

another point is that people seem to downgrade valentine’s day more and more instead of really celebrating it. are people becoming more cynical, or have they seen through the day as a mere marketing ploy of chocolate, flower and greeting card companies? according to Hallmark, over 2 billion greeting cards are sent every valentine’s day. and that’s not bad for a one-time big time business.

The origin of St. Valentine remains a legend, and no one can exactly tell how this holiday came to be. What’s common to all legends is that St. Valentine was a priest who performed marriages during the time when single men are banned to get married while still in service for the king.

so kudos to those who use this holiday wisely, and i pray that the declaration of love and devotion you do on this day follows through the whole year round. it would be all for nothing if you just go all out for one day, and then be a bastard the rest of the year.

valentine’s is a wonderful reminder of being in love and the hope of love. there is always hope for love. it may not come this year, but there are more years to come.

i’m really sleepy. i don’t think i’m making any sense anymore.

happy valentine’s day everyone!!!!

much love and warm hugs!!!!!

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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