welcome back, bob the builder

i was painfully happy today.

yesterday, i had my first power set after the long hiatus from Christmas break. and since i was so excited, i think i kinda forgot that i wouldn’t be as strong as i was before and went ahead and lifted my old weights.

of course, my trainer was there to supervise and i guess all the adrenalin in going back after almost 3 months made me able to pump all that iron. i went home feeling recharged and super strong.

only to wake up this morning not able to raise my hand. it was even more pathetic taking a bath since i have to use the long loofah to scrub my back. even that was pure torture since i was cramping. i had a hard time dressing up, and i am thinking of wearing a polo tomorrow if my muscles are still sore.

ang tigas kasi ng ulo. feeling kasi. ayan. nanigas tuloy ang buong katawan.

but i missed this feeling. i haven’t touched alcohol for almost a month now, i have averaged 5 sticks a day this week (and today i’ve just had one stick! yaye for me!) and i’m back to my non-fat, low carb, high protein diet. i missed smelling like salonpas and rubbing extra mentholated bengay to my sore muscles. amoy lola.

i get to sleep earlier, and wake up earlier excited for my morning walk. it’s also my intimate moment with Direk so i am hitting 2 birds with one stone. and i love it. 🙂

and talk about the endorphins right after! it’s like falling in love all over again. tired, but super happy. 🙂 and seriously, my face is clearing up again. it’s about time i flush all the fat that’s been sitting around my system for 3 months – and more. hehe.

i’ve been working out seriously for almost 3 years now, and i’m loving every moment of it. again, i never wanted to be thin. i’ve always wanted to be lean and strong because i am an active person. i need to be always on the go. the gym is one of my sanctuaries. although it was an added bonus that i have met some of my closest friends in the gym, it is one place that i can just be who i am and not care if my hair is all over my face and my shirt is dripping wet from sweating like a pig – because everybody else is. i feel more disciplined when i’m on season because i have to schedule my life.

not that i am not scheduling my life when i’m off season, i just tend to get a bit – lax. 🙂

as of today, i weigh 116 lbs. from my former weight of 110 during my last year’s season, my trainer said we will maintain the 115 lbs, but leaner, tougher.

pero girl parin ako!!!

and so tonight, i will try and sleep peacefully even though my muscles still jerk from time to time. to quote my trainer, “if it hurts, it works.” so i guess, i’m back in the game.

honestly, all i need is to increase my protein intake. there is a lactic acid build-up in my muscles which gives me that sore, tingling sensation.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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