attention all Dave Matthews’s Band fanatics

since i have heard it from 4 different group of fanatics with equally intense proportions of loyalty for dave matthews’ band that THEY ARE COMING HERE (May/June, i’m not so sure anymore):

PLEASE,PLEASE, whoever gets to buy first, buy one for me!!!! i’ll pay you back!!!!! or message me when you’re buying!! i’ll buy with you!!!I HAVE TO WATCH THEM!!!!

now who would have thought i would be able to cross this off my “What to do During the Wait” list? i mean, at the least, MADE IT FEASIBLE for me to actually shout ” I LOVE YOU DAAAAAAAVE” for 2 hours?

i remember about 3-5 years ago, when the band was still together, a couple of friends and i were talking that it was impossible for dave to come to the philippines. he’s not THAT mainstream. but well, well, well. a couple of years later, they are months away from here.

I just checked my entry, and it didn’t say anything about actually buying a ticket. i was thinking, if it would be in taguig, and the prices would be gruesome, i can just stay outside. i don’t care who hears me.
on the other hand, if they perform in a smaller venue, then maybe i would be able to buy.

ah. bahala na!!!!

iba talaga powers mo Direk. and i’m sure as you have made it feasible for me, i claim that i will be able to watch Dave Matthews. yipeeee!!!!


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

2 thoughts on “attention all Dave Matthews’s Band fanatics”

  1. Hello!

    Yes, it is confirmed that they are going here in May. The organizers are MTV Pilipinas. I am also actually looking for the tickets also since I’ve been a fan for ten years. No, they have not disbanded! Dave Matthews just went on a solo album, much like how the Black Eyed Peas are doing (solo projects that is)

    See you guys at Patron Seats!

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