here’s what i think.

first – if someone feels this strongly about something, they have the right to announce it anywhere she sees it fit. however, it shouldn’t end in her JUST writing the column.

second – there’s no need to suddenly hide in a congratulatory remark if you have lambasted the people all through out the essay. and i just find it weird that after saying these people are not good examples, you still go ahead and give your full support in something you have controverted? and set them off with “gee, i really DO HOPE you do a good job” and cross your fingers?

if you have the audacity to make these accusations, then stand up for it.

i would have understood it if she ended it with a challenge to the SC to prove her wrong, that they are more than just a couple of famous notorious personalities.

third – correct me if i am wrong, but i know there are certain qualifications a person must have in order for one to be elected, nay, nominated for office. there might be a few who have failed in their classes during their terms, but has this person checked if they were able to run again the next election? if they were, then i stand corrected.

fourth – what a person does OUTSIDE school is different from their duties INSIDE school. newsflash: people have lives. hell, let me say this out loud: even our teachers have lives. should they choose to drink and smoke outside school is entirely up to them. (thanks to our freewill) i’d like to think we are all rational human beings that can at least tell the difference with their right and left. however, if you caught these officers sitting down on the floors of the fourth floor with a cigarette in their mouth and a beer in their hand, then i have to admit – we will be in trouble.

fifth – if you didn’t like the officers, then why did they win? YOU KNEW before hand they smoke, and they drink. YOU KNEW they were like that. our school is not so big. let me rephrase that. our college doesn’t even add up to my high school batch. we are so small that everyone knows everything about everyone. if these people are as famous notorious as you say they are and have actually witnessed it, then why were they elected?

i think my last point can answer that. the whole reason why these people are elected is BECAUSE THEY ARE FAMOUS notorious. because that is how society works. these loud, smoking drinkers are the ones you see everyday and should they run for office, they are the people that you recognize. how can you vote for someone you barely know? this is why politicians spend a gruesome amount of money for their campaigns because they have to be known and make their name roll off people’s mouths. this is why campaigns are not just enough and also have to spend on public relations just so people become famous and not notorious.

in theory, the better man wins. in life, it is the famous man is the one who makes the cut.

it sucks, i know. but that’s the way politics work. welcome to the real world.

and this is just school politics we are talking about.

i think i’ve made my points already. and i hold responsible for all that i’ve written here.

this is the part of this entry where i challenge the people who think they have got what it takes to make AC a better school but have stayed in the dark all this time. you think you can do better? then step up. are you sick and tired of having the same bunch of no-good, drunk officers? then i challenge you to run on the next elections. and i promise you, I WILL VOTE FOR YOU.

freedom of speech should be followed up with freedom of action.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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