in which i compute my OJT hours

i can’t can can’t can wait for summer.

finally i’m going to have my OJTs.

it’s been in my mind more often now that the sem is closing to its end (and surprisingly, it’s not that stressful as i thought it would be – YET) i can feel the pressure to go ahead and think of the next few months ahead of me.

kung pwede ko lang ratratin ang 180 hours X 6 OJT in 2 months, WHY NOT.

let’s see if it’s feasible.

180 X 6 = 1080 hours all in all.

suppose i work 8 hours a day given that you work 5 times a week = 320 hours

shet kulang.

okay, if i do advertising, or public relations, i definitely do not think i would only be working for 8 hours (based on what i observe with adver or PR friends) and work 12 hours a day = 480 hours

kulang parin.

okay, the only way i would be able to pull this through is if i would work
approxmiately, and not less than 18 hours every day for 2 months (given that there are 61 days in those 2 months) = 1098 hours.

then again, there would be times na overnight right? what if there was an event, or something.

not bad, really, that would mean everyday i would be getting around 4 hours of sleep (2 hours for preparing and commute) and i can do that, i think. i know a couple of people who normally do this all the time, so kung kaya nila, kaya ko rin. hehe. pero alam ko, may aalma pag nagpuyat ako. so… that’s another story.

i know naman it’s impossible. i guess i just wanted to write it down and not just jotting it in my head.

i went to PETA, Mowell and NU today for a school tour, so i got to think of the OJT’s i will be getting this summer. kinda excited, kinda bored, kinda let’s-get-this-over-with.

please Direk, don’t let me get stuck with people who would JUST ask me to get coffee. i don’t mind making coffee (i can really make great coffee) but i do want to learn and immerse as well.

e bakit nga iniisip ko na, matagal pa.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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