in which i should be preparing to go out

but instead i am making this entry.

one of the best things in having a laptop (and wifi 😀 ) is that i can bring it wherever i go – and so, here i am in my royal throne, listening to kate nash, with a cigarette in hand and writing this entry.

i really think i should have bought the black macbook instead of the white one. but white is so mac, and i am so carefree.

there are three places that i am able to come up with my better entries: my bedroom, my bathroom and the bus. right now, i am in the bathroom. i’ve been thinking of changing my blog name to “in my royal throne (where i dump my shit out)” but i guess i just haven’t found the perfect interface to go with it. i’ve had a picture in mind on how i want my blog to look like, it’s just that i have no idea to execute it.

i need to know more about these computer thingies.

we’re out to see papa for i think is the 3rd time this month. i think i have mentioned in my previous blogs that we will try to make my visit to papa as regular as we possibly can, and so far, so good. last week, we brought him KFC. i wonder what we will be buying this sunday.

i’ve observed that papa has mellowed down from what i grew up with. it’s a bit unnerving at times, but he would still have his sudden bursts of angst or stories.

not that i’m complaining.

a couple of days ago, i went out with my mom to go shopping. lunch turned into a long conversation about love and relationships. as much as she loved my dad, she admittedly said that her clock was ticking. and one of the important things in maintaining a great relationship is to have someone laugh with you through life.

maybe that’s why i’m such a sucker for men who can make me laugh – or to make it more personal, someone who can humor my gilagid dry.

it doesn’t take much to make me laugh compared to impressing me, and as a person who steers away from confrontations, i think laughter has both become my strength and my weakness. i cannot imagine living with someone too serious with life or at least takes time to make me laugh or cajole me until i whack them so hard.

and so seeing my dad laugh makes me happy too.

i don’t think i am making much sense right now. all i know is that i’m happy i got to see my Father, and Papa in one day.

i think one of the turning points in my life was when i have finally realized i don’t have to look for my papa’s love since Direk has loved me constantly all these years. and surprise, surprise – i got to see my papa more often than i usually did.

ang galing talaga ng powers ni Direk.

there are some things that sometimes bother my mind, but i guess i’m still not writing them down because they are not that real yet to me. there are far more important and better things to think about than wallowing in these things.

and right now, i know i have to get ready already.

i’m out


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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