so i haven’t been able to update my blog for the longest time. just one sad excuse of an entry for the song that’s been lingering in my mind.
still an entry.
anyway, christmas has always been a very busy time for me, the holiday season gets everyone so wrapped up that i haven’t had the time to sit down and mull over things as i usually do.so here’s a few updates on what has been happening from then til now.

    1. i found my necklace!
    i did!! i did! i can’t believe it myself. if you would read my entry here, i had no idea where i exactly lost my necklace. boo to that. but then, while i was doing my christmas general cleaning, i found my necklace hanging in the drain of the bathtub.
    the funny thing is, it should have fallen already since it’s been 5 days (and i assure you, people do take a bath in this house) but it was still there. so yaye for that!!!!Β 

    2. fixed my memory boxes!again, another cross out to my What to do During the WaitΒ  entry.during my general cleaning of the house, especially in my room, for that matter, i decided, what the heck, might as well go all the way this year, and finally took out all my memory boxes. i had no idea IT WOULD BE THIS MANY.
    i had over 20 boxes, 30 different kinds of notebooks, envelopes of sorts, clothes with dedication on it and a multitude of dust. of course, i felt i had to read whatever i was throwing for one last time before finally trashing it all. it was easier to segregate the notebooks – of course, i kept my journals, and notebooks with my angsty/corny/angry/happy/dreamy/pathetic poems because it was still my literature. hopefully someday, i would get to compile it and be buried with me.
    chiz right.
    i had no idea i kept so much memories with me. i had letters from friends during school hours that were just made out of plain boredom. i guess i wanted to keep my youth with me. there were some letters that i didn’t even remember existed. and of course, there were some that tugged my heart when i remember fighting with them. of course, i threw this all away, because i realized then, if something is really important to me, then i wouldn’t need to have something physical to remind me of it. i had 2 huge plastic bags worth of memories thrown away that day.
    there i realized which ones were important to me, and which ones just happened to pass by my life. both of course, are still very important to me. πŸ™‚ in the end, i decided to have 1 box for pictures, and 1 box for letters and trinkets that i plan to give away someday.

    and this is what’s inside the box
    so there, another thing to cross out my list. yaye!!!!!wait, let me put it here nalang also. i do have another thing to cross out, it’s just that i haven’t made a video of it yet, so i’m thinking, that would be for another entry nalang siguro. πŸ™‚
    3. my first first lunch with papa
    okay, it’s first first because it’s first of the year and it was the first time in a VERY LONG TIME that i had lunch with my papa AND my muther.ANG LABO TALAGA NUNG FEELING. i mean, it was weird because i felt i wasn’t part of a neurotic family, for once in my life. ang galing talaga ni Direk.

    He answered my prayers in the right time, and i feel and fervently hope that this is just the start of what can be a less neurotic relationship with him.i mean come on, i got to keep things real too. at least, seeing my family together once a month or so would be wonderful. so for that, thanks Direk. πŸ™‚

    4.New Year Resolutions
    i refuse to call it my new year resolutions. i believe, if the formula doesn’t work, then change it. hence, there are no solutions that should be done again if they failed in the first place.
    so enough with my smart ass.
    to be honest, i have nothing planned this year, because i never do make these “I will quit… I’ll be a better… Starting this year…I will not…. I will….” statements. first of all because i am too tamad to make them, and second, i feel if i don’t get to do them, it will be a bigger disappointment.
    kung gusto ko, gagawin ko, no excuses, no commitments. just do it. πŸ˜€

    5.and probably the shortest of everything here
    i changed my status in friendster and facebook.enough said. πŸ™‚

i’m out!


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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