of real names and real gifts

8 nights down and one more to go. i was nearly late for mass a while ago. i just finished changing my sheets and it felt oh-so-yummy it was begging me to stay and keep it warm through the cold crisp Christmas dawn.

again so we would be clear, it was an inanimate object begging me to stay in bed. yes, i do talk to inanimate objects, if anyone has a problem with that, do see me in person.


so i finally got up and went to mass. the moon was EXTRA BIG tonight. i don’t know how many else reading this actually went to simbang gabi but the moon at around 4AM this morning was HUGE. i tried to capture it using my 2MP phone, but it looked like this – more or less:


it’s that round thing on the right. i kinda got the lamp post so you wouldn’t think you were looking at a lamp post.
here it is a bit closer:


well, a bit lang talaga. anyway, pretty moon. i’ve always liked the moon too.

so tomorrow is the end of simbang gabi. the long wait is over. and in both readings, there was one thing said in common: that the Messiah was coming and He will be with us.

i’m not sure how many of my friends actually know about this, but my mom wanted to name me Emanuelle. true that i was born in october, but it is a combination of my mom and my dad’s name – Eufrocina and Manuel. my nickname would have still been Bobsie, but my mom said if ever that was my name, she would have called me Mannie. as in Mannie Mouse.

what a coinkidink that would have been.

I would have love to have that as my name – compared to what my name is now – but when my mom was finally off the anesthesia (i was caesarian) she learned that my dad had already named me my real name. so my mom just psyched herself that it was ok that i wasn’t named Emanuelle because during that time, Sarsi Emmanuelle was this great bold star, and she didn’t want me growing up to be like one.

Emmanuel – God is with us is the whole theme of the readings today. We are constantly reminded that even when trials do face us, in times of adversity, He is always there. sometimes, we take forgranted those who love us because they surround us often, that’s why we constantly have to remind each other of what we have.

it comforts me to know that Direk is always there for me. i persevere not to forget that or to abuse that fact.

i heard Him speak to me today. He said, make good use of the gifts i have given you. everything that you have asked, you have received.

nakakatawa kasi, hinihiling ko palang, ibinibigay na kaagad sa akin. ang sabi niya lang, gamitin ko ang mga regalong ibinigay Niya na sa akin. o e, makakalama pa ba ko jan? hihirit pa ba ako? di na po.

so Direk, salamat at dahil kahit kaarawan mo, ikaw pa talaga ang nagbibigay ng regalo sa amin. parati nalang Ikaw ang taya. at kahit hindi mo naman kaarawan, parati kang nanlilibre at namimigay ng regalo. grabe. lakas ko talaga sayo.

Basta ikaw, Direk. mahal na mahal kita. Lapit na birthday mo! woot woot!


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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