on my way to Simbang Gabi, and back

every dawn on my way to simbang gabi, i try to think of my latest entry. and to-dawn, while i was walking, i popped up a new entry:

why i like simbang gabi.

it’s not really the mass that gets me off my ass every dawn. it’s my walk going to the church.

i follow the same path when i usually go for a run. see, everytime i run, i spend 15 minutes running and that would directly lead me to the church, and then 15 minutes again.

so for simbang gabi, instead of criss crossing the streets, i opt to walk as slow as possible. listening to Hillsongs to get me in the mood. it’s the tranquility of this 15 minute walk and my silence that makes me wake up every dawn. i honestly think i enjoy it more than when i am actually in church since admittedly, i have a short attention span. madali akong madistract.

so for 15 pure minutes or so, I purely belong to Direk.

the stars were wonderful a while ago. i think that’s what i also like about my village. it’s so quiet in the morning and the stars really shine out bright. it made me think of how small i am compared to the vast universe, and all was created by Direk. now, do i think that we are the only living creatures to roam this universe? i really doubt it. sa laki ng entablado ni Direk, i’m sure, meron pa yan, somewhere.

today’s gospel is about the visitation. actually, all the scriptures today entailed to 2 basic things: joy and service.

Mary visits Elizabeth, who is already 6 months pregnant, and stays with her until she bears John. Elizabeth of course, was so happy when Mary came to see her. both readings portrays the feeling of joy that people encounter when the anticipation is over, and that joy comes out from good relationships.

our parish priest left us with this question to toy with on our way home. are we willing to move out of our comfort zones in order to be physically present to our loved ones and to make their burdens light?

NAKAKATAWA. promise. hay nako, Direk, i can hear you snickering up there.

mas nakakatawa ang 1st reading. it’s about the lover who comes a far place and who’s happy to finally be with his loved one. certainly, di naman mag – a for effort if it is not done for joy.

kamusta naman yan, Direk.

i guess, joy and service goes hand in hand. you cannot REALLY serve someone unless you like what you’re doing. and if you are happy, then it’s not really service at all, since you just do it naturally.

on my way back home, i encountered 4 askals blocking my way. my house was about 2 houses away, pero scared ang lola mo. i went around and finally took the long way. at least, hindi ako nakagat ng aso.

lesson learned:

1. whether mag long cut or mag short cut ka, makakarating ka rin sa paroroonan mo.

2. kung alam mong masasaktan ka, di bale nang mas mahaba na ang lakarin mo. tutal, lesson number 1 holds true. sayang ang pain powers mo. ilakad mo nalang.

so ayon. sleepy nako.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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