in which i lost my Bob necklace

i lost it already before.. well, at least that i gave it to my mom, to have it fixed and then we just saw it on the piano about a month ago.
it was only tonight while washing my face that i saw my reflection and see that my necklace wasn’t there anymore.
boo hoo…
since i didn’t leave the house today except to run and go to simbang gabi (because i have cough and colds) i have no idea where or when exactly i lost my necklace.
yeah and so i get attached with my material things. well, especially my bob necklace. it was white gold. and i bought it. minsan lang yon. 😦
pero sabi naman ni Direk, all things are temporary, so i guess ok lang that it got lost.
but i’ll whine while i’m writing this entry pa.
whine, whine, whine.
in fairness, matanda narin ang necklace na yon. akalain mong may tumagal sa aking alahas ng more than 1 year? good job narin yon. at hindi lang 1 year yon, 4 years na sha. (wow, tagal na nga)
and i guess i’m going to miss referring to my necklace when i introduce myself.
what’s your name?
ha? bam?
no, bob as in
(points to the necklace) bob.
ah. bob… e bakit ganon?

minsan ang sarap humirit ng, “E GANON EH” (yeah, i’m just in a whiny mode) but it’s been a great ice breaker.
well then, i guess i have to stop being shy and not use my name as a potential ice breaker.
you know that feeling when you’ve been so accustomed to wearing a thing that when it’s gone you keep trying to feel it’s there? i’m feeling that right now. feeling ko ang taba taba ng leeg ko. labo men.
ok… i think i’m ready to let it go.
i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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