4:30 PM

i sit here in Starbucks with my Sulwesi (bold and strong.. yum) as the rain pours and i know in a day or two i will come down with a cold.i’ve only had 2 sticks of cigarette today and tonight when i get home, i know i will overdose myself with Vitamin C, eat oranges until i look like one and hope that getting sick wouldn’t be that bad.
yesterday, when i went home i decided to walk. the wind was cold, it was cloudy but sunny at the same time. feeling ko, natuyuan ako ng pawis since i was also wearing a jacket.
well, it is raining right now, which i s definitely not helping my premature cold, but i don’t mind. i like drinking hot coffee while it’s raining.
everyone loves the sunshine, but i guess only a few have ever felt the joy of walking under the rain.
pumpumpumpumumpumpumpumpumpumpumpumpum.. mister sandman, bring me a dream… is teasing the speakers of Starbucks right now. i am loving this alone time minute after minute.
i’d like to think that i’m an old soul. don’t get me wrong – i love hiphop and i would shake my moneymaker like somebody’s out to take me, but i feel i would have loved living during the 70’s. i’ve always loved the concept of “Make Love, Not War.” i can imagine myself with my hair worn down, in my spiffy bellbottoms sitting in the fields, strumming to my guitar – prolly singing a Carpenters’ medley, or even better, a composition of my own.
i wish there were parks here in Manila where you can just lie down and watch the grass grow beside you. and no, Luneta does not count. i wouldn’t want to be arrested for any illegal activity.
i’ve been meaning to write aobut my October, and how it’s been a real exciting ride for me. i don’t think i’ve had a birthday, a funeral, a baptisim, a debut and a wedding all in a month. kinda makes me realize how you can have a review of what’s happening and will happen in your life in a span of a month.
i miss my lola. i would like to think that in her death, she gave me a piece of her life and yes, i think that’s the best birthday gift anyone can ever give me.
oooh! disco fever is playing in my player. i so love the 70’s. wait. i think i already talked about that.
so yeah, i guess my point is that nothing is bothering me right now. and yes, i am happy. i’m fine with happy.
“it’s going to be a tough ride for us. let’s hang tight and enjoy the journey.”
no plans of going down anytime soon. i think i’ll be here indefinitely. 🙂


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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