in which i talk about papaemil’s mr. dreamboy

this is so funny because before i began to write this post, i had to re-read an old post i had.

and you can find it here.

so for those who are tamad to open the link, it actually contains the draft of my mr. dreamboy – i have to admit, it hasn’t changed, although i know i can put some more on the list, pero that would be tampering with my original entry.kung may nagaaply man, e…. next entry na yon.

back to papaemil.

we were mindlessly talking about different things in Starbucks, i told papaemil about that certain entry of mine and of course, the inggitera that he is, he wanted one as well.since he doesn’t have a blog to write down his own version of mr. dreamboy, i have been given the blessing to write it down for posterity. hopefully, SOON, we get to check it out again. i haven’t checked mine in ages. hehe.

once again, this is in no particular order.

warning: parental guidance is recommended.

1.physical traits – he actually got it down to the nitty gritty details. someone masculine (sha na daw ang girl), physically attractive, 5’9” and up (um, height po yan), muscular, fair-skinned (mahirap paputiin ang maitim, madaling paitimin ang maputi), guwapo (siya na daw nakakaalam non), and… BIG. (kanya kanya na pong interpretation, thank you)

2. must not be afraid to face my mom, and tell the whole world that he loves me. BIG TIME.

3. must be financially stable – ay, ABLE pala dapat. dream guy nalang din ang pinaguusapan, so AIM HIGH!

4. walang hang-ups sa buhay – (enough said.)

5. must watch Pops Fernandez with me – (i believe papaemil is the biggest fan of pops. i swear.)

6. i want someone who will give me small surprises, leave notes by the ref saying he’ll miss me today and that he loves me. i don’t want big surprises. it’s those little ones that counts.

7. must be sexually compatible with me, making me of course, sexually satisfied with him.

8. someone who will cook for me and teach me to cook

9. someone who will walk not behind me, not in front of me, but beside me and still walk his own road.

10. someone who’ll sit beside me, say nothing, and feel like we’ve had the best conversation ever. (looove. 🙂 )

11. someone who is adventurous in sports – i want to go wall climbing, bungee jumping, ride the ferris wheel….

12.someone who will sing with me and our voices will actually blend.

13. someone who’ll encourage and persuade me to read good books

14. someone who knows how to swim – since super yaman siya, pag nakasakay kami sa yacht namin and for some reason lumubog yon, he can save me because i can’t swim well.

15. a great kisser – i want someone who will make-out with me and not just have sex because i love hugs and kisses!

16. someone who is not afraid to try something new with me. – and dapat parehong new sa amin.

17. someone who will let me be me.

18. someone who will let me have my “me time” and time with my girlfriends (that’s me!!!)

19. someone who’s comfortable with my friends and vice-versa

20. someone who also loves taking pictures, so dapat may camera sha (tama yan, para hindi puro camera ko ang nagagamit)

21. someone who will watch movies with me, baduy or not.

22. someone who will dress me up, go shopping with me and pays for it. (ahem.. damay si Bob jan. ahem)

23. someone who’ll protect me and teach me how to protect them.

24. someone who will bring me to Hawaii because that’s my dream!

25. i don’t want a seloso guy, but i don’t want someone who’s not afraid to lose me too.

26. someone who will join aero class with me and have a showdown! (BRING IT ON!!!)

27.i want someone who believes in God (amen. 🙂 )

28. i want someone who will still make me ligaw even after 10 or 20 years have passed already.

29. i want someone who will eat with me.

30.i want someone who will marry me.

and i think i saved the best for last, mind you, this is of course, verbatim.

straight from the horse’s mouth:“i want someone who will make tunaw the ice queen and find the key that unlocks my heart which i threw in the ocean, 700,000 leagues under the sea.”

ang taray diba.nainggit ako actually and want to revise my own mr. dreamboy. but whattheheck – i’m sure somehow direk has weaved my dreamboy for me. and i shouldn’t complain. as he always says, “i have wonderful plans for you.”and i believed i have surrendered it all to Him.ultimately, i think everyone wants and needs to be loved. Direk certainly wouldn’t put any other actors in the stage if it wasn’t necessary, so i know somehow, someday, no matter how trivial or juvenile our lists are, Direk will give it to us. I have already claimed that He will.and just like my own entry of who i want my mr. dreamboy to be, i actually have to start psyching myself to go to sleep. it’s the first day of classes tomorrow, andiamgoingtoclass.yaye, bob!big girl ka na talaga. :)i’m out.


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