happy birthday bebe!

i’ve been trying to do this video for almost a week now, but i guess i just get overwhelmed how time quickly passes by. my niece was almost 2 when i left her, and now she’s 4 years old.

this young person didn’t even come out from me, and yet, everytime i remember how i took care of her, and how much i love her, i just drown in my own emotions.

what more when i finally have my own child?

when i was putting together this slideshow, i wanted to put a short letter in it, but words fail me. wala e. i didn’t know what else to say but i love her. i wish i took more picutres ( and not played with the settings when i didn’t know how to use adobe then) of her and me, or at least took home some more pictures, but i guess that would just make me miss her more. i guess it’s better this way. today, i thought, what if i just stayed in london so i can take care of her?

but i guess direk’s plan for me says that there’s a different path for me. although going back to london is still always an option. (but really far fetched)

so, even if it is late, bb honey, here’s ninang’s gift for you – for the meantime. when i see you, i’m sure i’m going to spoil you rotten once again and hugging you like a stressball.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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