dear bob

time really flies when you’re having fun. before we even knew it, you are now a year older than you were last year. (uy, ayaw sabihin ang edad.)
and what a year it was. so many lessons were learned, and re-learned, and re-learned again and again. hirap kasi, ang tigas tigas ng ulo mo. but, i think i’ve known you long enough to know that all you need is time to figure things out on your own, and you don’t want to take anyone’s word for you. you just got to experience and go through the whole process. but see, that what makes you bob. and i love you because you are like that.
i’m so proud for what you have accomplished this past are slowly establishing the things you want in your life, and i can see you taking action and responsibilty for you be able to accomplish these goals, whether they may be big, or small.
pero sana talaga, ayusin mo na ang lisensha mo. please lang. ang tanda mo na.
i think one of the biggest highlights this year is when you killed that cockroach. oh, i can still remember the look in your face before deciding to kill the cockroach. you were so scared. in fact, you were nearly in tears when you told me you’ve decided to kill that ipis and kill it using your tsinelas with your quivering hand. i was also nearly in tears. laughing, that is. but it is a big step for you, i know. not to run away, or let it go, or even worse, let it live with you side by side. you actually decided to do something about the gaddamn cockroach. you deserve another pat on the back. wait, cockroach pa ba pinaguusapan natin?
i like how your relationship with your family is doing. i think this is the best you ever had with them, and i will continue to pray that you only grow stronger and closer as a family. looking back at all your arguments and fights, maybe that was the way for you to let out all your pent-up energy so that you are now having this steady vibe with them. none is lost at all.
and your relationship with Direk! i thought you were close before, but you have actually grown with Him this year. and i’m sure He is happy that you have decided to rest everything in His arms. ang hirap kasi sa iyo minsan, feeling mo, kaya mo lahat ng bagay. pinasasabay-sabay mo. ayan, tuloy, nastre-stress ka. but you are doing good. as you always say, too blessed to stress šŸ™‚
i can see more exciting things in store for us this year. i wonder what issues we will have that will keep me awake for the longest time, what new heartaches and fireworks we will have this year. can you feel it’s going to be a good year? i think it will. it’s never boring with you. you always have kwento for me.
i guess i also have to thank you for starting to have faith in me too, that together, we will be able to face all of these things. i know that sometimes you feel that we will not be able to push through, but you just got to trust me, sabi ni Direk, we’ll be fine. He’s just always watching us.
you’ve been great person to hang out with. i pray that you recieve more troubles to keep you tough, and more laughter to keep you happy. more tears to make you grateful and more time to make you patient. i hope you will never ever forget that Direk has blessed you with so much talent and gifts that you share it to everyone around you. spread the love, Bob.
and during those times when you feel like you just can’t go on, expect that you’ll get a little batok from me. you know i’m just always here with you. and during those times when you feel alone, it’s okay. you may be alone, but you will never be lonely with me. and ano ka ba! big girl ka na. the world is watching what you’re about to do next.
so to you, my constant companion, my very best friend, my confidant and my number 1 fan, happy, happy birthday and may we always be this happy. šŸ™‚



Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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