what to do during The Wait.

so yeah, fine, i will enjoy the wait, but if my waiting’s going to be a loong time, might as well enjoy it!so i’ve come up with this list (in no particular order, or significance, whatsoever) on the things i should do before i get married. i’ve decided to stick to the draft i made earlier in Starbucks to retain the authenticity of this entry, so please, bear with some of the items here.teka, list ko naman to e, nakikibasa lang kayo, kaya walang pakielamanan ng trip. kung gusto niyo, make your own! (taray…)

1.get a tattoo – again. – since my mom already saw the tattoo i have right now, i guess it would be fine to add on it na already, right? for those of you who does not know i have a tattoo, well, surprise, surprise. and just as promised, before i get married, i will get another tattoo, this time saying, Akala ko hindi, okay na pala and put it on my right hip, kasi RIGHT na sha this time. hehe.

2. get my driver’s license – ok, ok i know! i know i have been saying this for the longest time but something’s got to give. hence, i put it in my things to do before i get married. so afterwards, i would be able to….

3.drive all the way to Baguio, or Tacloban, or the farthest place i could drive by car-wala lang, trip lang, para masulit ang lisensha.

4. learn to ride a bike– dream ko talagang makapagbike sa PICC na hindi pedicab ang sinasakyan ko. i also don’t ride the stationary bike at the gym because i feel so fake.

5.explore an unfamiliar, foreign place alone – by explore i mean immerse in the culture. by unfamiliar i mean like somewhere beyond my comfort zone and by foreign i mean not in the Philippines. i just had to say it out loud because alam kong may mga pilosopong hihirit ng Chinatown sa Binondo.

6. be a barista – it’s not a secret that i HEART my starbucks. i wanna be able to say, one double blended venti non-fat caramel affogatto with 2 extra shots of espresso and one shot of vanilla topped with whipped cream and chocolate and white chocolate drizzle for Ezperanza!” in one breath.

7.Bungee Jump – because i’m scared of heights.

8. shave my head – ooh. another thing that i’ve wanted to do forever. but i’m still not sure if i have poknat or if my head is nice bald. the thing is, if i ever do shave my head, i could go to Mapua and impersonate my brother.

9.get a wax – tweezing already is pure torture. i guess i’m not kikay enough to get a wax. sabi nila masakit e.

10. dive – by that i mean go diving and dive at a pool. i can’t do both. i always do a belly flop. magaling ako doon. and i want to cartwheel underwater too!

11. ride a hot-air balloon – for my fear of heights again.

12.participate in a mosh pit – and hopefully not get killed.

13.pet a snake – so i can dance Britney Spears’ “I’m a Slave”. no, but seriously because i’m scared of snakes too.

14. have another debut – because my 18th debut wasn’t really me. kamusta naman ang entrance ko ay “She” and like most of the things in my life, i just crammed this party. so i want another debut. siguro pag 28 nako, para a decade later.

15.do a perfect handstand – and walk with my hands.

16.frolic in a meadow ala Maria in Sound of Music – with matching kanta. kahit hindi na ung costume.

17. go to Paris and eat french fries – and hopefully get a french kiss!

18. go to Rome and eat gelato – Aubrey Hepburn in A Roman Holiday.

19. sunbathe in Ibiza – and watch the sunset too…

20. organize my memory boxes – seriously, because i have one every single year, or school year. it’s mainly full of letters sent during classes, memorable tests. i also have a seperate boxes for my exes, like movies watched, paychecks, mga resibo and kung ano anong kuning kuning. i gotta start throwing some away.

21. produce and direct my own short film or music video – produce sounds so expensive. well, ano pa nga at naging comarts ako diba. sayang naman if i don’t put it into good use.

22. buy myself a real expensive piece of jewelry – like a ring or a necklace or an anklet. i’m pretty sure i will lose a bracelet.

23.run through a beach naked – FREEDOM!

24.go on an all day dessert all you can – as in cake, chocolate and ice cream for the whole day. and then the next day is stay in the banyo all you can.

25. attend a real ballroom class – although i perform and teach ballroom, i’ve never been to a real ballroom class because i was taught one-on-one. i want classmates!

26. shout on top of a mountain – I’M THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD!! sabay kanta ng Top of the World by Carpenters!

27. see the Pope – kahit na di up close and personal. Si Pope John Paul II nakita ko kasi. i want to see Pope Benedict too!

28. attend a Dave Matthews Band concert – and scream “I LOVE YOU DAAAAAAVE!!!” for 2 hours, or more.

29. play the bongos – i used to run in Ultra before, and i remember there was this guy in dreadlocks, and then naka-indian sit sha, and he was playing the bongos. and he was alone, pero his groove was so infectious that everyone was just watching him. i can imagine myself playing bongos to the sunset, nakadreadlocks (or kalbo!) sa beach. love it.

30. take pictures of storms – everyone takes pictures of people, and traffic, and fruits in a basket. i want to take pictures of storms. so good luck nalang because i need a kick-ass camera for that.

31. plan my dream house – i love playing SIMS. i always wanted a flat. i don’t want a second floor. pero ibig sabihin non, dapat malaki lote ko. hmm. bahala na. oh, and i want a yard where i can play habulan and sunbathe anytime i want.

32. meet a half-sibling – according to my dad, 7 kaming magkakapatid. this might seem weird to most people, but i guess i’m just curious if they look like me, or talk like me at all. i don’t intend to be best friends with them, just meet them would be fine. it would be nice to meet my kuyas because i didn’t grow up with one. πŸ™‚ kuya macky and me, during the 9th day of our lola

33.hug my dad – my dad is not an affectionate person, yet i consider myself a papa’s girl because i was more attatched to him when i was a kid. so i guess that’s why i’m so gigil to hug him.

34. memorize the capitals of the countries of the world – there was this commercial before (milk commercial ata yon) where this kid was saying the capital of countries. Helsinki nga ata yon e. basta. i want to be able to teach that to my kid too!

35. learn how to recite the ABC’s backwards – so recite the ZYX’s forward?

36. learn how to play the harmonica – and perform Aerosmith songs. rock on.

37. graduate – Nuff said.

38. go on a vacation with my mom – as in yung kaming dalawa lang. somewhere in Asia, like Bangkok, or Hong Kong, or Singapore. tapos shopping kami. tapos sha magbabayad. joke. πŸ™‚ pero yeah, i want bonding time with my mom without the hassle of work or school.

39. go on a vacation with my brother – kasi maiingit siya. and of course, my brother is one of the 4 people i would kill for, so only the best for him. and bonding time. and yosi time without the TUS. πŸ™‚

40. eat sand – i can’t remember why i wrote this, but i’m pretty sure it had to be something significant. to be edited someday.

41. go on a dinner and a show in London – when i was still in UK, i remember i would always log on to broadway.com and check out the musicals with the dinners and plan to go. pero it was so expensive and my cousin wouldn’t allow me to go alone. i must watch Avenue Q!!!

42. eat a grasshopper – bim kasi ate one when he went to bangkok. e inggitera ako. and it looked so yucky!!

43.go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land – all back to You, Direk!

44. attend a retreat where i don’t know anyone – madali kasi ako madistract. meron bang retreat na ganon? like no interaction with other people, puro self reflection lang? kung may ganon, that’s what i want.

45. pull a fire alarm – because i never did when i was a kid. oh, pull the fire alarm and not get caught.

46. learn a foreign language, or a new dialect – i’ve always wanted to learn bisaya, everyone knows how to speak it. dati i wanted to learn Japanese, kaso hirap magsulat. so i’m thinking of a really uncommon language like Russian or Arabic.

47. wear girly pink – at least once in my life masabi kong nag girly pink ako.

48. learn a magic trick – no. make that a KICK-ASS magic trick. not those card tricks that you can learn through the internet. i want a david blaine kinda magic trick. ooh, wait, i want that coffee turns to money magic trick. πŸ™‚

49. adopt an orphan for christmas – i love holidays, and i what better way to celebrate it than sharing it with others?

50. give a whole paycheck to charity – obviously, when i am married, i can’t give a WHOLE paycheck anymore, because what’s mine is his and what’s his is mine as well. (direk, sana mas malaki sweldo niya…)

51. spend a whole day riding the MRT, LRT, LRT2 trains – isa akong MASA. MASAndal tulog. especially sa mga sasakyan. so 1 day, i’d like to just ride the trains and sleep. round trip πŸ™‚

52.memorize the Godfather Trilogy – i was supposed to write Pretty Woman, pero feeling ko malapit ko na talaga sha mamemorize. yung mga supporting cast nalang ang hindi ko memorize eh.

53. ride a horse – just like the bike, i want to ride a horse. ayoko naman maging equestrian. feel ko lang maging part ng Pride and Prejudice. πŸ™‚

54. learn how an upside down pineapple cake taste like – why does it have to be upside down kasi?and i believe i saved the best for last:

55.grope David Beckham’s tight ass – sorry posh, just a tad squeeze!!!!

so there. things i would like to do before i get married. some because these things i shouldn’t do already when i am married, and some naman because budget will not permit it when i am finally thinking of a family.while writing this entry down, i had a hard time because i just realized that i had a lot of things i wanted to do that i did already.sneaky sneaky!!!but that’s another entry. πŸ™‚

i’m out! πŸ™‚


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