bits and pieces (from a letter)

so because of my movie marathon, i was so in the mood to write.. and i guess like i said in my entry, it really just dawned on me last sunday. as in doon sa part when edward was offering vivian a condo, money and shops that will suck up to her obscenely, and she said no. it was only then i realized that i have missed the most important part of that movie, which i saw quite honestly for more than a hundred times (i think the godfather trilogy comes in a close second). all the while i think anyone can be my prince charming, and i guess i have to say i do settle. but vivian, grabe, i think any sane girl in the right mind – well, especially coming from where she was in the movie, you can say she was not really well-off – would accept edwards offer. BUT SHE DIDNT.

because she wanted more. now, i, on the other hand, has never been offered so much more than companionship and/or sex for the last relationships i had. i thought that was enough for me, but it wasn’t. it never was. ay nako, i could go on and on writing about this pero baka maubusan ako ng characters. hehe.

but don’t get me wrong. i have nothing against my exes anymore. in fact, i was grateful for what i went through with all of them because they have shown me bits and pieces of the man i want to be with. and i know, and i have faith that one day, Direk will put the bits and pieces together and give him to me. wouldn’t that be wonderful?


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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