in which i just finished watching pretty woman

i think i was in grade 5 when i was able to watch pretty woman. and i remember i was not allowed to watch it since it was “bad” because of the love scenes. but since isa akong malaking pasaway, i watched it especially since i knew my mom would never allow me to watch it.
and then, right away, i fell in love. of course, i still didn’t know what being in love meant during those years, but i remember i first loved the movie because of the song “Kiss” while she was in the bathtub. i wanted that kind of bathtub and i wanted the bubbles.

later on, my ate bought a VHS copy (kamusta naman ang nostalgia?!) and i would watch it again, and again and again. after a while, i wanted to shop like vivian did. and then later on, i wanted to become like vivian.

and tonight, after maybe a hundred times (or more) of watching Pretty Woman, i still sing everytime Vivian is in the tub, i still cry everytime she watches the opera, and i still get giddy everytime Edward climbs that flight of stairs.

i have to thank Direk since it never came to the point that i wanted to become a prostitute as well, but i wanted the whole fairytale too. i wanted someone who would love me no matter how bakya or mahalay i become. but for some reason, it never really worked that way for me.

until today.

today, i had an epiphany. i got my favorite movie right, but i forgot the most important thing that vivian did in that movie.

she never compromised, and she wanted more.

and today, i realized, there was nothing wrong with wanting more. the thing with me is, i wanted the fairytale, but everytime a potential pseudo-prince charming comes along my way, i don’t revise my fairytale, but i settle for my prince charming, which is OH SO WRONG. wrong prince charming equals wrong fairytale.

oh gawd, why did it take me 10 years to realize that?

well, i could be wrong again, you know. but in this life, nothing can be sure forever. so let me try this theory this time. obviously, the old one doesn’t work out.

“so what happens after he climbs the tower and rescues her?

she rescues him right back.”

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

5 thoughts on “in which i just finished watching pretty woman”

  1. Sometimes, we want something so bad that we can’t see clearly. It sounds to me like now you know what to wait for.

  2. hi!! just finished reading your message in friendster. I was actually thinking wether to reply here or in friendster. I thought that you will read it anyway either here or there. dito na lang para maiba ng konti. 😛

    I still have not received any txt message from you. i called o2 and they told me that there is no problem with my international txt. i actually received a txt meaage from a friend of mine back home. so i guess that the line is not at fault here. in your phone contact deatils, is my no. saved like this: 00447986695002 or +447986695002.? there is no doubt that you will get this wrong bec as far i remember you also txt your cousin who resides here in uk. i just want to double check. If everything is fine and we still can’t txt eachother, then toughshit for me.ha.ha. joke lang.he.he. anyway, there are a lot of ways to get connected. I’m sure that we can always find a way. 😉

    I was calling you today just incase you see a missed call in your cell. my theory is that you are either in school, or attending a mass service,or sleeping, or enjoying pretty woman or just decided to not communicate with me :P. sna lang wag yung huling reason eh no.ha.ha.

    I like your blog for today. I do own a copy of pretty woman(kaw lang ang me alam nito ha. ;p). Its a feel good movie. sabi mo nga fairytale. Im glad that you had that epiphany. It shows that you are ready to get out of your comfort zone. There is definitely nothing wrong in wanting more and not compromising.

    But we have to be cautious. we need to have a limit. we need to know when to stop and tell ourselves that what i have is enough. And blessed he is who can tell himself that he has enough. when that happens, happines and security often follows.

    As for the compromise thing, sure we should not compromise the values and belief that molds us. But there will come a time that we have to be flexible with some other things. And when that times comes, only you can decide what matters and what does not.

    As you said, In this life nothing is for sure.I believe that nothing is intrinsically right or wrong. Do whatever is beneficial to you. Life is about trial and error. we will all soon figure out which one does not work and which one will.

    At the end of the day, its our own desicions and experiences that matters.

    Any violent reactions are highly welcome.he.he. have to go now. its a big day for me tom. its my first day as a volunteer.yaye!! hope i dont suck 😦

    Have a great week and i’ll speak to you soon.

    take care,bob!!


  3. naka limutan ko…

    kaingit ka naman at nakakain ka ng sinigang at tinapa..hmnnn ngutom ako bigla..

    makapag request nga ng kare kare kay itay(itay ba ika mo?)

    he.he. me pang laban na din ako sayo..

    pa fed ex ko na lang yung share mo sa karekare..ha.ha.


  4. manny, since you chose to reply here, i guess the whole world will know that you have a copy of pretty woman. 🙂
    it’s ok though, they will never really know your real identity. heehee.
    tnat is, unless, they googlize you. haha!!
    pm sent. 🙂

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