in which i visited my dad

was able to catch my lola visiting my dad when i came to visit. she’s old but still tough. i’m thinking, i don’t think i want to be that old. super bonus round na yon.

my lola and me do we look alike?

oh, and i was able to catch a stolen picture of my dad.
my daddy-o
he’s the one near the grill. the one who’s back is at the camera is our driver.
my dad loves taking pictures (which i’m thinking i really got from him) but i guess he’s shy when it comes to us. and before i left, he was making me kulit that i shouldn’t get a boyfriend first, or else, he’ll disown me and kill the guy.

tsktsktsk. ang magnanakaw takot sa kapwa magnanakaw. hehe.

and then just before i left, he said in his “Fernando Poe Jr. voice” that i should leave, and that he knows that i still have a lot to do… and then he kinda punched me in the shoulder. wheee!

i guess some people show their affection in a different way.

next mission is to get him to hug me. and get a nicer picture with him. heehee. 🙂


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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