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there was this thing that i wanted to write about a couple of days before but it just got so damn busy that i kinda forgot what it was. and so now here i am trying to type away, once again, just so maybe i would be able to remember it somehow. so let me talk about random things instead.

school is fine. i think i deserve a pat on the back since my absences are not as horrid as it used to be. oh, i won’t be a hypocrite by saying i don’t skip class anymore, but there’s this certain feeling i get – i think it’s called guilt – everytime i think of not going to class. and now, when someone invites me in the middle of the day to grab a cup of coffee or whatnot, i find myself telling the person, “sorry, i have class” or “i have an early class tomorrow” dang. what’s up with that?
ooh, i’m kinda excited about our theatre play. i mean, it’s not a big production or anything, but i guess i really get hyped up everytime there’s an event to be fixed or something. i mean, i love directing and it’s not a secret to most of the people who know me that it is one of my biggest dreams to become a director one day, so i’m excited about it. being in this production asserts my belief that this is one of the things i think i would be able to do my whole life.
i’m trying to figure out why everytime i get into a new project i get this excited. wait, let me rephrase that. see, i’m not excited at ALL the projects that i do. i think that if the project involves any people, i get excited. or if it is to entertain. because it is rare that i get excited at my paper work. 😦 but then again, i can get a bit OC and write everything down when it comes to planning big events, or such.
ah, i’ll figure it out later on. right now, my focus is on this play.

i was rereading earlier entries from my blog the other day and i realized that when i was in London and had ABSOLUTELY nothing to write about, my entries were LOONG. and i guess i can say winding narin. but now that there was something that i actually do everyday, i don’t write about it. it reminded me of a friend that once told me back then that he was jealous of me that i find time to write at my blog. 2 years later, here i am, not being able to keep up with that committment.

speaking of committments, i’m starting my training/foundation (jeez i forgot what you call it) for BLD. we’re entering our service soon and i’m kinda excited going through the whole foundation thingy. knowing me, it would take more than 3 years to finish my whole foundation, but then, what’s the rush?
i think i would enjoy the service ministry. i remember my Antioch days where i was in Team B and we would just stay haggard and stressed the whole weekend BUT it was great fun. there’s another thing i like doing. i like serving weekends. no matter how stressful it can be, i think i would like to do that a lot. i can’t wait for the first time i can get to staff – whether it be for LSS or SE. i believe it’s those little things that shows the candidate that we care about them. i mean, yeah sure, they wouldn’t notice that the banyo is always pristine clean everytime they use it (even though they trash it everytime they use it) or that their food is always ready before they even get hungry, but then these things we realize afterwards, and there is nothing more rewarding for me than serving others. sarap talaga.

ok, super long entry with no main idea. great. i think i can end now. i’m having lunch with my girls again tomorrow, which is actually the highlight of our week. as i always say, weekday na nga, lunch pa. talk about getting old. but definitely not mature. hehe.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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