in which i talk about whizzing

last saturday i was (as usual) hanging out listening to one of my favorite bands, Streamline Method Madness and marsh nudges me and tells me, “they are turning one in Bistro this September. “

i did a quick reality check and i remembered it was August. a shy one month to go and it’s October once again.

WOW. how fast can time quickly pass by through me?

i can’t begin to write how warped my concept of time is. this is not even talking about my habitual tardiness which i seem to notice is usually proportional to the value of the person to me.

everyday i sit and take my precious time in trivial and sometimes important things that i make trivial and say, “i’ve got all the time in the world, what’s the rush?” and i do this because i would like to forget i have no control over time. i make myself busily idle so that time has no value to me.

ah, but that is where it bites me back. and it bites back hard (buti nalang, i had my shots na.) i grow impatient, and when i do, i find new, more trivial ways to amuse myself.

the great thing about this dilly-dallying, meadow-frolicking thingy i have learned is surprisingly, i learn a great deal of stuff down the road. things i never expected i would learn or even encounter. i have to keep reminding myself, although i am the lead actress of this movie i portray in, Direk would still call all the shots.

i guess recent events in my life seemed so much farther than what i expected it to be. as Dishwalla aptly said it, “am i very far now?” seemed to drone in my ears again and again as one year, hell, 5 months whizzed by me.
but you see, the reason why this confusion of mine made it blogworthy is that, these months that apparently just whizzed by isn’t exactly WHIZZING. whizzing reminds me of roller coasters, of carousel rides, of bright lights and speeding cars. when i was there, it felt more of a ferrari ride in edsa. comfortable, yet irritating because of the traffic.

so, mr. einstein, wish you would wake up from the dead and explain to me, in layman’s terms what you mean by the theory of relativity, of space and time, and why to me, it seems so whizzed-knocked out.

if you would ask me, i guess it’s faster than gravity, because i think all my tears haven’t reached ground, yet here i am climbing a higher building once again.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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