in which i talk about chizzness

last night, i had a wonderful dinner in tagaytay with my wonderful cookie family. tagaytay was so far, but i think it was worth the memories. anyway, entry today starts at the time when we were going down from tagaytay.

we were supposed to ride with calvin, but then he had work (i misshu powerhug partner) so uly (my favorite crisostomo) was gentleman enough to bring us back to fort where mica’s car was patiently waiting in the parking lot.

so it was a long ride and we decided to start talking about mundane things, how’s school, how’s life, how’s family, how’re your pets…blah blah blah, and as usual, things will turn out interesting in the end (since we are very interesting people, you know)

and so, i popped this question, What is the cheesiest thing you’ve ever done your entire life? As in when you look back, you will squinch ang say, “EEEEEEOWEEE!! ANG CHIZZY KO!!!!!!!!!!!”

uly decided to go first. (or i think i asked him to go first) honestly, i didn’t get the 1st answer too much because he was babbling about. all i remember was that they (uly and his girlfriend) ended up kissing over a bunch of silly questions.

but the real catch here is when he told us about that one night when saatchi asked him:

SATCH: will you catch me if i fall?
ULY: i can’t..
SATCH: why?
ULY: because i’m falling for you….

WAPAWWW!! ULY CRISOSTOMO, you are WAGI in my CHIZZ books!! hahaha!! i just find it so funny because uly is a man’s man. i mean, he is all man talaga, and i never imagined him being chizzy like that. but i love him for it, and for that, you will always remain my favorite crisostomo. 🙂
grabe, naiimagine ko na siya sa movie. enter chizzy movie score!!! hehe….

since i am on the topic of chizzness, let me share to you one of my chizz moments. “one of my” means i am really chizz at heart.

this was back in high school, where everything was fresh and wonderful. (parang commercial ng glade) so anyway, i was seeing this guy, itago nalang natin sha sa pangalang Mr. Big, and we would have breakfast at Mc Do St. Francis Square. take note that i was back in high school and school starts at 7am (tama ba? i can’t remember na) and we would have these breakfasts at around 8 or 9, since he was in colllege and his classes starts at 10, i think.

so anyway, i was with my driver back then, and kakampi ko yon because he was my cousin. we would drop my mom at her office in Quezon city, and then we would go to Ortigas.

e biglang isang araw, my mom had a meeting in Makati, which means, she will ride with us all the way to Makati.

yari ako kay Mr. Big.

and since bago pa ang mga cellphones non (as in wala pang 5110, mga Bosch at Philipps palang ang uso) i had no way of contacting Mr.Big. i can’t remember how long or if he waited for me but i’m sure he left and decided to go to school. i can’t remember the details if he was really mad, basta all i remember was that he texted me that he waited there.

i decided, i have to make bawi.

so that afternoon, i decided to drive through mcdonalds, buy 2 large fries and iced tea (he likes iced tea) and deliver it to his house. hindi pa ako nakontento doon. nilagyan ko pa ng note. ang sabi ko:

FRIES forgive me. can ICED TEAL see you? 😀

actually corny. but it’s my blog and i can write what i want to. 🙂

alam kong makukulit kayo, pero for the sanity and the safety of the people involved, i will not say who he is. so don’t bother asking. ahehe. salamat po. 🙂

i’m out!


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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